8 Expensive Things That You Should ALWAYS Save Up For

Saving money is so much easier said than done, especially when you’re young and barely have money in the first place. Sure, there are some ways to make saving easier–there are even apps that’ll help you save money without you having to lift a single finger–but for the most part? The struggle is real. One of the biggest reasons is that we’re so caught up with instant gratification. It’s a lot more pleasing to immediately buy something with your coin than to save it up and wait for months before finally copping something you’ve been lusting after for ages. You tell yourself you’ll get it eventually, but will you? That, too, is a lot easier said than done.

The fact is that there are just some things that are absolutely worth saving up for, even if you’re impatient AF. Those things tends to be on the pricier side and can act as investment pieces. Do you really need, like, four cheaper leather jackets when you can get one solid one? Do you want to waste money on a bunch of low-end headphones when you can buy one solid pair that you’ll love forever instead? This is hard, I know, but why not give it a try? Check out these eight expensive items that are absolutely worth saving up for.

A Set Of Bras

True or false: You're really good at putting off buying bras. Honestly, I don't blame you, especially if you have larger breasts and need to wear a bra that you can't just cop at Victoria's Secret or Aerie. A high quality bra is going to be a lot more expensive and less accessible, too. So I get it, buying a bra is low on your list of fun shopping splurges. But think about it: Do you wear a bra every day? If the answer is yes, then you need to take some time to save up for a few new ones, especially if your current bras are fitting a little oddly these days. Yes, this means buying a bra that might cost at least $50 and could reach nearly $100. But I promise, after you do it, you won't feel like you wasted your money. You'll feel like a whole new person!

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A High Quality Record Player

Record players are in again, and as tempting as it is to buy those aesthetically pleasing candy colored Crosley Cruisers that you can cop at Urban Outfitters...you might want something a little more advanced if you're really dedicated in playing some vinyl records. Trust me, I have a Crosley and it works fine; plus, it's really pretty! But it still kind of feels like a toy. You'll have a much more legit vinyl listening experience with something like this Audio Technica record player. I know, it's not as pretty as a Crosley, but it'll get the job done.

Buy them at Amazon.com for $119.

Good Wireless Speakers

Um, you would think that laptop and cell phone speakers would be better than they are. But, er, they kind of suck, right? That's why it's not a bad idea to invest in a really nice pair of wireless speakers, like this model from Bose. Whether you're playing music or binge watching Stranger Things with your friends, you want to be able to do so without fruitlessly trying to increase the volume on your crappy computer speakers. It's not the sexiest item to save up for, but if you're an avid watcher of TV shows/movies or you listen to a ton of music, good speakers will pay for themselves after a while.

Buy this at Amazon.com for $173.

The Laptop Of Your Dreams

Yes, it'll be a pain in the butt because this is a big ticket item that might take months, to save up for. But trust, if you really have your heart set on a specific type of laptop, you'll want to wait to cop it instead of spending less money on a model you don't care for to tide you over until you have enough money for your more expensive laptop of choice. Don't...do this. You might keep telling yourself that you'll just get it later, but you never will because you'll keep settling instead of saving.

Buy them at Best Buy starting at $1100.

A Solid Piece Of Outerwear

Whether it's a leather jacket or a killer coat, spending a little (or a lot) of extra money to get a high quality piece of outerwear is worth it. When it comes to coats, make sure that they have a lining so you'll stay extra warm, and make sure that the coat has some weight to it. Don't spend a ton of money on a flimsy coat--that's a Joanne Prada worthy scam. As for leather, if you're really looking for longevity, avoid faux leather and go for the real deal. A good leather jacket can range anywhere from $250 to $600 or more, so do your research and decide which price point is more realistic for you.

Buy this at Urban Outfitters for $275

A Spa Day Fund

This might sound bougie AF, but saving up some coin to treat yourself with a massage, facial, or the mani-pedi of your dreams really can make your life feel a little better, especially when you've been having a crap month. Have some fun doing your research for the best place in town to hit up, and then go for it when you need it most. Make sure to make an appointment though; popular spots will almost always be booked in advance.


Wanderlust Plans

If you're in high school, most of your travel plans are dictated to you buy your parents. But the second you get to college, you're not only going to have a lot more control over your time, you're also going to have a lot more opportunities to travel. If you're someone who can't depend on your parents to finance every single trip you want to take--whether it's a bus drive to a major city a few hours away, or a plane ticket to a spring break destination--you'll want to save up and be able to travel with your friends. Heads up: Some of the cheapest plane tickets are sold from January-March, and some programs offer travel deals for students. Plus, hostels are great if you're not looking for a super fancy place to rest your head, but splitting the cost of an Air B&B isn't a bad idea either.

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Good Boots

Yes, a ton of clothing items are super overpriced. But I've noticed that when it comes to quality, the more money you spend on shoes--especially boots--generally, the better quality you're going to receive. A pair of boots are an investment, whether they're going to help you get through snowy weather or you're just into their aesthetic. They're usually the most pricey type of shoe there is, next to high-end sneakers, so while it might feel torturous to spend extra coin on a pair of boots when there's a cheaper alternative, your feet will feel the difference.

Buy them at ASOS for $125.

What are you hoping to save up for this year? Tell us in the comments!

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    Why on earth would I need a record player. I have iTunes. Nobody is forcing you to keep up with the latest trends (and there’s little to no benefit for doing so), and lest I checked, that wasn’t a trend.