15 Cool Quotes That Will Actually Make You Feel Good About Being Single

Given that we are now a few hours into the start of new, fresh, and unsullied year–provided that a giant meteor has not yet struck this earth in the brief period between my writing this post and it being published–the time is right, I think, for a little inspiration. And, usually, when it comes to inspiration, I have a few go-tos–Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat stories, for example, as well as Rihanna’s Instagram account.

I do not often look for inspirational quotes–you know, ones like “hang in there” and “listen to your heart,” which I do not think have ever actually inspired anyone, and have always, I assumed, been (rightfully) banished to the annals of Pinterest and the peeling posters at the back of teacher’s lounges. Recently, though, I have discovered that inspirational quotes have been…evolving. Not only are many of them truly aesthetically pleasing, with nary an overexposed cat photograph or Comic Sans typeface in sight, some inspirational quotes appear to actually be, well, inspiring. Particularly the ones about being single. So, check out these cool quotes that will actually make you feel good about being single this year:

1. I mean…true:



2. Also true!



3. Not to be all, like, “goals,” but…goals:



4. Actually, any Liz Lemon quote is pretty much “goals” when it comes to being single, I think:

5. I mean…



6. This is you, right?

7. Moving on:



8. The graphics could use a little work here, but, like…true:



9. Ditto:



10. Retweet!!!



11. “Sexual Texts” speaks the truth here:



12. Find the lie:

13. Maybe this is not inspirational, per se, but this is you, right?



14. Heh:



15. Welp. This is about as inpspirational as it gets, yes?


Did you like any of these quotes? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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