25 Tweets That Will Make You Feel Better About 2016

At this point, you are probably aware that 2016–as in, like, the year–has more or less become a meme. Or, to be more exact, the year 2016 is literally a meme now, based upon the popular (well, popular according to my newsfeeds, at least) opinion that 2016 was the worst year ever. And, to be fair, this year was pretty bad. The election was bad. The trends were bad. Literally (fine, figuratively) everyone, it seemed, died.

Of course, 2016 itself did not cause 2016’s problems–those issues were present long before the year started and will most likely continue into the next. Still, while I think that the idea that the start of 2017 will somehow void all of its previous issues and provide a fresh, clean start is not particularly helpful (and, in fact, may even be actively harmful) collectively hating on the events of the past year is as good a coping mechanism as any. Another good coping mechanism? Seeing the bright side. This was not so easy to do this year, it is true, but, at the very least, this year did produce a lot of good tweets. So, check out these tweets that, for a variety of reasons, should make you feel a little better about 2016:

1. This tweet about a pure, sweet dog:


2. This little tidbit that should stymie your Hamilton addiction–for the time being, at least:


3. This, uh, existential box of toilet paper:


4. This cutting analysis about a beautiful work of art:


5. This observation that might make you feel better about the loss of Vine:


6. This #cool usage of teen slang:


7. And this excellent utilization of a thesaurus:


8. This picture that encapsulates what it’s really like to be you:


9. This tribute to your favorite television show of the summer:


10. This reminder of all you lost during your Pokemon Go addiction:


11. And, uh, this:


12. This encouraging reminder of how far we’ve come this year:


13. This touching story:


14. This image that proves that, no matter how you look tonight, you probably look better than John Cena:


15. This picture that you probably relate to more than you should:


16. This dog, who did make the sign, thanks:


17. This…which I do not possess the proper words to describe:


18. This shoutout to your fans:


19. This perfect response to a homework assignment that proves CHILDREN are the FUTURE:


20. This heartwarming holiday tune:


21. This reminder to always double-check the address before you go to a party:


22. This beautiful work of art that proves exactly what humans are capable of a with just a little extra effort:


23. This important reminder:


24. This tweet that decribes the pain one must go through in order to tweet:


25. Ha! Agreed:

What do you think of these tweets? Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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