12 Tech Products You Forgot You Used To Be Obsessed With

For the most part, I don’t have much to say on the subject of technology. I mean, I use technology on a borderline addictive level, obviously–I am tethered to my iPhone like any dutiful, layabout, no-good millennial–but I don’t actually consider it in anything more than a  cursory way. That is, I don’t think about the technology I have in my life until I realize it is obsolete. I realize that this is sort of rude–to basically ignore the things in my life that make the rest of my life significantly easier until I realize I need a new thing that can make my life even easier–but I do think it is probably human nature.

In any case, one thing I have been thinking about a lot in regards to technology lately is how it ages–which is to say, poorly. Everything that seems cool and cutting-edge one year seems bulky and lame the next.In fact, the evolution of tech happens so quickly that a lot of the time, you probably end up forgetting all about the stuff you once thought was the coolest. So, check out these tech products that you totally forgot you used to be obsessed with. Well, until now, I guess:

1. The Blackberry:
You can still get these, technically, but they don’t really have the same mystical allure as they did in, say, 2002.


2. Palm Pilots:
You probably didn’t have one of these, but one of your parents might have–and, if they did, chances are good that you played a lot of Snake on that thing.


3. Sidekicks:
They used these phones on The OC, which ensured that having one was the ultimate way to finesse around your middle school.


4. Motorola Razrs:
Sidekicks, of course, were rivaled only by the Motorola Razr. Favored by Paris Hilton, if you had a Razr that was pink, covered in rhinestones, and played “Hollaback Gurl”anytime someone called, you were bound to be the most popular person in school in 2006.


5. The LG Chocolate:
It slid up. It slid down. It played music. It was all your simple, tiny heart could have dreamed of.


6. Spaceship-y Macs:



Doesn’t this just make you want to, like, take to space? Right now?


7. The similarly spaceship-y iBook:


Translucent plastics? Fun colors? Easy tech access? When will your fave ever?


8. The first-generation iPod Mini:


The only way to listen to the Shrek 2 soundtrack on a family RV trip to Maine in 2005. (Or, at least, that is what I did. Not trying to speak for you; just trying to share my experience.)


9. iPod Nano:


Or, perhaps, you were obsessed with your iPod Nano–bonus points if it was the Bono-sponsored version.


10. Hit Clips:


Ah, yes. Who doesn’t want to listen to exactly one minute of exactly one song at a time?


11. Polaroid iZone:

If you weren’t constantly taking pictures of your friends and sticking the pictures on the friends themselves–since the pictures themselves were, of course, stickers too–you weremissing out, my friend.(These aren’t being officially manufactured anymore, by the way, but you can still cop some on Amazon. Just FYI.)


12. Clippy:


Not a tech product, per se, but iconic nonetheless–always there to offer some assistance and/or comic relief whenever you opened up Microsoft Word, and now, serves as a semi-excellent meme.

Did you have any of these products? Did I forget any good ones? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Kalli T

    I was never obsessed with any of these.