8 Signs You Need To Find A New Crush

People say that relationships can be challenging, but I would like to argue that crushes can be just as tough. There’s the whole debacle about figuring out a way to tell your crush how you really feel. Then there is the potential that they totally do not feel the same way. Then there are those impossible crushes that you know you shouldn’t have, but you somehow you do.

The heart is a complicated thing and sometimes you end up crushing on the most unlikely of people. Sometimes logic can explain, while other times it can’t. No matter the explanation, we’ve all been in a situation where we question whether our crush is really right for us (and him/her).

If you’re crushing on somebody and you’re unsure about whether this crush is really good for you and something you should pursue, I’ve got some signs that will help you set the record straight. These are the signs that you seriously need to find yourself a new crush. It might be challenging to forget your old one at first, but note that it’s probably for the best.

Your Crush Could Compromise Other Relationships

Are you crushing on your best friend's boyfriend? What about your brother's good friend? If you find that you have feelings for someone who is connected to someone you're already close with, things can be tricky to navigate. Revealing your feelings to either person could potentially mess up all of the relationships so proceed with caution.

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Your Crush Doesn't Treat You Nicely

Are you weirdly into the guy/girl who doesn't treat you nicely? Do you try to tell yourself that it's a flirting thing or do you find the nasty attitude a bit hot? Even if you're into it, it's best that you leave this one alone. Go and find someone who will treat you like a queen. You don't need someone in your life that doesn't treat you with respect. It doesn't matter if it's part of an act.

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Your Crush Could Get Someone In Trouble

I know it might sound intense, but it's true. If you're crushing on someone and it's considered illegal because of things like minor versus adult laws, you need to leave this crush alone ASAP.

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Your Crush Made His/Her Feelings Clear

Did you already tell your crush how you felt and he/she basically told you thanks, but no thanks? Or have you not-so-subtly hinted at your feelings and your crush shot down your advances? You might want to consider it time to quit. As hard as it is to accept, you have to realize that you cannot force someone into liking you. The heart just doesn't work that way.

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Your Crush Is Already Involved With Someone

Does you crush already have a SO? Then it's best to stop now. You do not want to be the one your crush leaves bae for, even if you secretly hope that's what happens. You're way too good to be the other woman.

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Your Crush Treats Other People Poorly

It's a red flag if you crush treats you badly, but it's also a concern if you notice your crush treating other people without respect. Does your crush talk back to teachers? Is your crush constantly getting into fights with his/her parents? Do you notice your crush making fun of random people on the street? It's probably best if you move on because if he/she does it to others, it's likely he/she will do the same to you eventually.

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Your Crush Is A Celebrity Or A Fictional Character

It's fun to have a crush on a celeb or fictional character, ahem Edward Cullen, but it's a good idea if it's not your only crush. You can still keep fantasizing about Edward Cullen, Harry Styles, and Nick Jonas, but also try to find someone in real life to crush on who you could potentially date.

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Your Crush Has A Bad Reputation

We don't want to take what people say 100 percent seriously, but if it's a known fact that your crush is trouble, you will want to think hard about pursuing it. It's especially important to consider the factors that have earned your crush a bad reputation. Does he/she have a history of being violent? Is your crush into illegal activities? Is he/she a known cheater?

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How have you gotten over a crush? Let us know in the comments!

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