9 New TV Shows Coming Out In 2017 You Need To Watch

If there’s been one bright spot in this trash volcano of a year, it’s been all of the amazing things happening in the world of film and television. I love, love, love TV and all the good it’s done this past year. We’re getting more representation than ever, people are speaking up against unfair practices, and there’s tons and tons of content to binge watch to your heart’s content. Some people are calling it the new golden age of television, although that’s not for us to say… but it can certainly feel that way. So, obviously 2017 is going to be stacked with new, awesome TV shows, right? Whether it’s a major network or on a streaming channel, TV has got your back through good times and bad. And since we’re in for another bumpy ride in 2017, it’s best to stack your TV schedules accordingly just to keep your sanity.

From what I saw in previewing these new shows, it seems that television is into taking something you know, turning it on it’s head, and showing you the dark underbelly… like it’s doing with your childhood faves like The Wizard Of Oz and Archie comics. Of course, there’s some good old fashioned light hearted comedies in there, but there are also shows with  classic dirty cable humor to keep it real, and things that are so super secret that I couldn’t even tell you major plot points if I wanted to (and I want to). Personally, new TV is what I look forward to most out of every year and since 2017 is basically here already, consider this your pregame for the main event. And honestly, the main event is just the gift that keeps on giving. These are nine new and awesome TV shows you should definitely watch in 2017.

Which shows are you excited to see? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Kalli T

    Riverdale is clearly just riding on the success of Stranger Things.