12 Embarrassing Things You Did In 2016 That You Can Never Take Back

At this point, I, like most people, have run out of anything unique and insightful to say about this past year. 2016 was not good! It was full of bad politics, bad deaths, and,ultimately, bad, lazy jokes about how bad the year actually was. But you know that already.

While many of the factors that contributed to 2016 being widely despised were beyond most people’s control–the death of any celebrity you may have once loved, the celebrities that evaded death deciding to spend their lives acting in ways that could only be categorized as “problematic,” and the mere existence of bands like The Chainsmokers and Lukas Graham–there are some things for which we all must take responsibility. Harambe memes, for example. The Mannequin Challenge. The widespread, inexplicable popularity of songs by bands like The Chainsmokers and Lukas Graham, for while you may not be responsible for their existence, you certainly are responsible for propelling their songs to the top of the charts.

Consider this review of the nation’s collective most mortifying moments of 2016 your act of contrition–when you look through it, and reflect upon what you have done, only then may you consider yourself absolved of your sins. So, check out these embarrassing things you (probably) did in 2016 that you can (definitely) never take back and (most certainly) will haunt you for the rest of your days:

1. Assisting in the rise and never-ending peak of Harambe:

A bad, bad meme.

2. Even, perhaps, dressing up as Harambe for Halloween?


3. Or a “Sexy Undecided Voter:”

Not to kink-shame you here, if this is something that you are into. But, you know, this was a bad idea.

4. Who, as we all know, was actually one Kenneth Bone–another bad meme:

Get in the bone zone

A photo posted by Masi Popal (@masipopal) on

Not as bad as Harambe! But still bad.

5. Dabbing:

A dance trend best left in this (perfect) Vine.

6. Juju-ing on that beat:

Another dance trend that should be…forgotten.

7. The Mannequin Challenge:

I do not have a problem with the mannequin challenge itself. It is just that, once Blac Chyna did the Mannequin Challenge when she was literally giving birth, the jig was up. No one else could exceed such a standard.

8. The Backpack Challenge:

And, for what it is worth, I do also have a problem with hazing rituals posing as memes.

9. The 100 Layers challenge:

As well as challenges that look like…this.

10. Stanning for Chewbacca mom:

I respect the hustle of Chewbacca Mom herself, obviously. I just don’t think I can support her. I am sure you understand.

11. Pokemon Go:


Hey. It’s okay. We all succumbed to it.

12. Saying “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative” until it lost all semblance of context without fully knowing why:

A sin–and, yet, one no one would fault you with using to describe the events of 2016.

Did you do any of these things? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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