18 Memes That Predict The Real Future Of Your 2017

At this point, it is hard to find anything new to say about 2016. Some things about it were good, but most things were not so good. I don’t think I need to go into all the factors that contributed to 2016 being so truly terrible–a bad election cycle, rampant celebrity death, an overexposure of jokes about how bad 2016 really was–but chances are good that you know that 2016 was, in fact, bad. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t ready for the year to end so that 2017 can begin, heralding a new season of optimism for us all.

It is tempting to think of the start of a new year as an entirely new, fresh start that automatically voids all the bad, unsavory stuff from the previous one and lets one start anew. And, on a personal level, there’s nothing wrong with this–sometimes, a new year is just the motivation you need to get some stuff done in your own life, like hunkering down on schoolwork or deciding to start waking up earlier and jogging every day or something. But, in the grand scheme of things, January 1st is not actually a magical day. Everything that you didn’t like about 2016–Trump, the death of every celebrity you may or may not have cared about at some point, etc.–will still be there. So, if you’re wondering what’s going to happen to you in 2017, these memes might give you a little bit of a (pessimistic, negative, and not-to-be-taken-too-seriously) idea. Check ’em out here:

1. I mean. There’s not a lot to look forward to:


2. This is dramatic. But, like…true:


3. YEP:



4. Sure. Whatever:


5. 2016 really was the ultimate equalizer, wasn’t it?


6. Lest you be feeling optimistic…



7. Don’t. You stop that right now:


8. Or do! This is sort of sweet:



9. Well, yeah:



10. Am I wiping sweat or tears from my face? I can’t tell:


11. Hell yeah:


12. This one feels a little personal, but, like, fine:

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13. Same:



14. Also same:


15. Inspirational:


16. I hate to say “all of us,” but, like, this is all of us. Right?



17. This too:



18. Haha! I’ll take it:

Are you looking forward to 2017? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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