10 Things To Do On New Year’s Eve If You’re An Introvert

As someone who is super excited to be done with this year, I feel conflicted about New Year’s Eve. On the one hand, I literally do not want to spend another second in 2016, which will go down in history as the worst year of all time (probably). On the other hand, celebrating New Year’s has always been a bit difficult for me because I have such an introverted personality. In high school, I rarely ever went to parties (or even left my room at all, TBH) so NYE was just another night to me. I always felt way too much pressure to go out and do something ~crazy~ on the last night of the year, but I always ended up just barely making it until midnight. Anyone else have this issue? You know, the issue of being an introvert on New Year’s Eve?

It’s not that I hate being around people, it’s just that I would rather… not. Let’s be real here: New Year’s Eve parties are usually loud and overwhelming. After all, it’s the last night of the year, so people want to go all out. I have no problem with that! It’s just not really for me, and it might not be for you, either. Unfortunately, the rest of the world tends to think it’s weird, sad, and pathetic if you spend your NYE doing anything but partying, which can be annoying. If it’s not your thing, don’t sweat it. You shouldn’t have to do anything you don’t want to do on December 31st. But that leaves you with the question: what are you supposed to do on New Year’s Eve if you’re an introvert? Luckily, there are some things you can do that will help you enjoy the night, without exhausting yourself…check them out!


I know it sounds lame, but babysitting is actually a genius way to get out of being forced to go to social events on New Year's Eve. So many parents will go out that night, so they will be desperate for a sitter, and you might even get paid more. Plus, you have a legit excuse when your friends ask you why you aren't going out. The kids will probably sleep early, so you can just relax the rest of the night. It's a win-win.

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Have A Spa Night

I have to be honest, this year was rough. You might NEED a spa night to rid yourself of all of the 2016 demons. Plan a spa night for you and a friend, or just you! It's a relaxing way to ring in the new year. Get a refreshing face mask and light some candles in order to bring good vibes into 2017.

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Binge Your Favorite Show

What's better than spending NYE with your fave fictional characters. I know I will be spending the night hanging with my favorite people, the doctors of Grey's Anatomy, of course. Queue up your Netflix and make a ton of snacks for a perfect night in.

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Go To Sleep Early

Honestly, 2017 will still be there when you wake up. If you are tired, don't feel the need to stay up until midnight. You have the entire year to celebrate 2017, you don't have to do it on the first day. If you miss watching the ball drop, here's a fun tip: Netflix actually adds a ton of "countdown" shows on December 31st so you can ring in the New Year early, without having to stay up. Silly? Yes. Ideal for sleepy girls? Also yes. This year they have a Fuller House themed countdown and I hate to admit it...but I'll probably watch.

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Text Your Crush

Hey, it's the last day of the year. It's time to tell that boy you like him, via text, of course. If he doesn't feel the same way, you can leave him behind in 2016. It sounds silly, but it actually could be good to get it off your chest before the year ends.

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Hang With Your Family

Odds are, your family will probably be doing something on New Year's Eve that isn't too wild and crazy. It might be fun to hang with them!  I know my mom definitely doesn't like to stay out late, so she goes out to dinner then calls it a night by 11. That sounds like an introvert's dream, IMO. Maybe you can hang around with your parents or your siblings if you're trying to have it be a low key night. There is very little pressure to go out and social when you've got family around!

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Invite Your BFF Over For A Low Key Night

Just because you're an introvert doesn't mean you have to avoid people altogether! Invite some close friends over for a low key night at your house. If they plan on going out, then have them over for dinner before they go out. You'll get to spend time with them without having to have a ~wild~ night out.

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Clean Your Room

Okay, starting 2017 with a clean room is actually...a great idea. Put on your favorite album of the year and get busy cleaning your room. It's a good way to keep busy without having to interact with others. Plus, you'll be organized AF for January 1st.

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If You Go Out, Set A Time Limit

Okay, let's say you absolutely promised you would go to your friend's party on New Year's Eve. That doesn't mean you have to stay there until midnight! I know it might be stupid, but set yourself a time limit, and let your friends know before you get there that you will only be staying for a few hours. It'll be enough for you to socialize but not get too overstimulated by the party.

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Read End Of Year Lists

Ring in 2017 by ringing the heck out of 2016 (excuse my language). This year was awful, and if you want to get excited for 2017, check out all of the bad and weird things that happened in 2016. It's a good way to waste time! If you need help with that, we have a ton of year-end lists here at Gurl. The good news is that these lists are all so long, so by the time you are done, it will be the New Year already, and you'll have successfully gotten out of hanging with people. Happy New Year!

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What are you going to do for New Year’s Eve? Tell us in the comments!

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