16 Random Things That Will Help You Remember That Girls Are Better Than Boys

It does not take more than a cursory scroll through Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, or pretty much any other social media site to realize at least one thing: Girls, on the whole, are much, much better than boys. This is something that is demonstrated through the posts boys make themselves (like…this) and the pithy, great observations that girls make about boys. In fact, some of these observations are so pithy and so great that I have decided to compile them here.

I would make the disclaimer that this post is (mostly) a joke, and that I understand that no person is better than the other based solely on their gender, chosen or otherwise, and that to pit boys and girls against one another is highly reductive and does not actually benefit anyone. But I suspect that those who would take issue with it wouldn’t read that, anyway, so I will let that disclaimer go. In any case, you should check out these random things that will help you remember that girls, unequivocally, are much better than boys:

1. Like, there’s stuff like this:



2. And this:



3. And this:


4. That girls must learn to deal with on a daily basis:

2017 I just shush every dude that tries to speak

A photo posted by shannon ?☕️ (@sensualmemes) on


5. Which results in gorgeous works of art like…this:



6. And performance pieces of equal caliber, like this:



7. Welp:



8. I mean…FIND THE LIE:



9. Does this not speak to you?



10. And this?



11. These are the REAL heroes and I will never accept anything that says otherwise:



12. I mean…yes:


13. Makes you think:



14. Sigh:



15. I just…



16. Anyway. This right here is the motto:

What did you think of these posts? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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