7 Signs You Should Try Getting Back Together With Your Ex

If you split up with bae, there were probably some clear signs that made you want to end your relationship. Once you’ve had some distance and put things into perspective, however, those “what ifs” can sometimes start creeping into your head. It happens to all of us, especially if the relationship ended on pretty good terms.

They (whoever “they” are) say that people do deserve second chances, and they also say that third time’s a charm. Both of those sayings can actually apply to relationships. They’re the things that on again/off again relationships are made of. Every relationship is different and each one comes with its own set of factors that you have to debate about, but if you’re pondering whether it’s worth taking a second shot at a relationship, these are the important things that will help tell you if you’re ready to be each others bae’s again. These are the signs that you should consider getting back with your ex.

You're 100 Percent Committed To Trying Again

You already broke up once, so if you're not ready to put 100 percent of your heart into the relationship again, don't even bother. You're just going to have to go through the breakup all over again. If you're fully committed to a new start and your ex is equally committed, you already have a promising beginning.

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You've Accepted Your Ex For Who He/She Is

Are you ready to accept your ex for who he/she is, annoying habits, quirks, and all? If you can genuinely answer yes, you could be ready for round two in your relationship. Just make sure you're answering the question honestly and that your ex is, too. Don't pretend you're accepting of your ex, but secretly hoping that this will be the time that you finally change him/her.

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You're Doing It For The Two Of You

Have you ever felt pressured to get back with a ex just because your friends and family thought you should because you were like the *golden* couple? Or do you have some idea in your head that you and your ex should try again because *it's just what you should do?* If you're just doing it because you or other people like the image of you two together, move on. If you're doing it because you really do love your ex, a second chance could be worth it.

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You're Realistic

Are you at a point where you know that you and your ex's relationship will never be a fairy tale filled with flowers and singing doves? Do you realize it's going to involve sweatpants, oil-filled takeout containers, and your ex's cheesy jokes? If your view of your *new* relationship is realistic and not a fantasy of what you *hope* if would be like, it's worth having another go.

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It Seems Like Your Ex Has Genuinely Changed

Yeah, they say that people never change, but some can. People can change if they really want to. It doesn't even need to be anything drastic. If you're noticing that your ex seems to have sorted out some of the things that annoyed you about him/her, and they've actually stuck with them for a good length of time, you might want to see how things go.

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You're Clear On What You Both Want

Do you really know what you want from this relationship? Does your ex know? Do you know what your ex wants? If you've had the convo and you both can answer all of the questions and you're both on the same page, things are looking good.

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You've Considered Your Mind And Heart

The poets out there will say that love is a matter of the heart only, but there does need to be some logical thinking involved. Your heart can still have feelings for someone who doesn't treat you like the queen you are. Therefore, you need to use your head to keep your heart in check and decide whether this is the type of relationship you want to continue. If your head and heart seem to agree, you're good.

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8 Signs Your On Again/Off Again Relationship Is Finally Over

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