18 Expensive Items Worth Spending Your Christmas Money On

First things first: Merry Christmas! Now on to business: Whatchu planning to buy with your Christmas coin?

Before anyone starts, listen, I know that Christmas is really about observing the birth of lil’ baby Jesus. But let’s not pretend that it’s also about decorating a dying tree in the living room, stuffing your face with cookies, family bonding, and–of course–getting presents. When it comes to that last one, it’s pretty common for us to receive money or gift cards as Christmas gifts, and as much as people can moan on about how impersonal those kind of presents are, we love them anyway.

But if you’re anything like me, as great as it is to receive money for Christmas, it can be really hard to figure out what to spend it on. I experience this weird paradox where I’m reckless AF with my own money, but as soon as somebody gives me that Amazon gift card or that Sephora card I’m planning out my spending like…

confused math woman gif

It can often come down to this: Do you buy several items you’ve been lusting over, or do you spend your money on one big ticket item? I don’t know what kind of budget you’re working with or what your preference is but I do know that this is a great time to invest in some items with a price tag you would normally balk at. So if you want some ideas on what you could aim for, consider these 18 expensive items you won’t feel guilty spending your Christmas money on. From pricey beauty products to tech gadgets and clothes, something will catch your eye. Plus, it’s the holiday season, so try to take advantage of some sales so you can spread your Christmas loot a little further.

1. UNIF Crayola Sweater

unif crayola sweater

Anyone who reads my posts is probably rolling their eyes right now because I gas up this sweater all the time. But I swear, if you’re going to splurge on anything, it should be this sweater. It’s warm, it’s cozy, it goes well with a pair of black leggings on those days when you’re feeling super lazy, and it’s just gorgeous. I get compliments on it every single time I wear it, seriously.

Buy it at UNIF for $88.


2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

instax mini 8 instant camera fujifilm

This is one of the most nifty pieces of tech you can buy for yourself. It’s great for taking unique photos and they’re excellent for decorating. Seriously, everyone will be dying to know where you copped one.

Buy it at Amazon for $59.99.


3. Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

Attention everyone out there with problem skin: This is a godsend. This serum is a chemical exfoliant that helps regenerate skin cells, which means that those post-acne marks will fade a lot faster. Plus, it reduces the size of your pores and can even help manage oil production. It can take a few weeks to see results, but it’s worth it. One pump after cleansing, follow with moisturizer, and you’re solid.

Buy it at Sephora for $90.


4. PeleCheCoco Leather Moto Jacket

PeleCheCoco Leather Moto Jacket

Listen, there are plenty of good faux-leather jackets out there, but if you want a guarantee that your jacket won’t fall apart or show some serious signs of wear, go for the real thing. This leather jacket from Urban Outfitters is a great price point for a genuine leather jacket.

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $275.


5. Panache Sports Bra (D Cup+)

Panache Underwire Sports Bra

Are you hoping to get a little bit more exercise in your life next year? Okay, well, you need a good sports bra, which is a pain in the ass to find when you wear a D cup and up. But this Panache sports bra is the truth, I can vouch for it! It’s comfy and holds those puppies up like a champ.

Buy it at Nordstrom for $70.


6. Dr. Martens Oxfords

Dr Martens 3-Eye Oxford shoes

These shoes are so versatile that they can go with literally any type of style, from punky to preppy and everything in between. Pair with some socks and rock with ankle length trousers or a mini skirt and you’re solid.

Buy them at Urban Outfitters for $105.


7. NARS Audacious Lipstick

nars audacious lipstick in oxblood burgundy

Good makeup can be pricey, we’ve accepted that. But $32 for a lipstick? Yikes! But if you do take that plunge, make sure it’s with this NARS Audacious lipstick. It lasts for hours (even through eating) and the color is rich AF.

Buy it at Sephora for $32.


8. Boob Planters

group partner boob planters ceramic pottery plants

Is there much to say about this? They just look killer and will look killer in your room, okay? Mix it up a little.

Buy them at Group-Partner for $65.


9. The Waverley Crossbody Bag + Fanny Pack

lo and sons waverley crossbody purse fanny pack

Instagram ads must work because the second I saw this I turned into a heart eyes emoji. This crossbody bag can hold all of your essentials and also double as a fanny pack. Yes, fanny pack. Hey, if there’s any way to make a fanny pack look good, it’s with this.

Buy it at Lo and Sons for $148.


10. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in color 10

People talk about this foundation as if it has been crafted by the gods, and for $64, it better be. Why not give it a test drive with your holiday coin?

Buy it at Sephora for $64.


11. Diptyque Candle

diptyque candle baies

Pricey candles might feel like a waste of money for some, but for others, they’re a serious investment because they last a long time and leave a fragrance that actually lasts. Candle snobs love Diptyque, and you might fall in love too.

Buy it at Nordstrom for $32 (2.4 oz) or $90 (6.5 oz). You can also buy a set of the three most popular scents for $90.


12. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum


Rollerballs are a great cheap alternative to a bottle of perfume, but maybe now is the time to treat yourself to the real deal. This Chanel perfume is a best-seller at Sephora and won’t leave you smelling like your grandma.

Buy it at Sephora for $72 (1.2 oz) or $90 (1.7 oz).


13. American Apparel High Waist Jeans

american apparel high waist jeans instagram

I swear by these jeans because they really are killer. They have no stretch in them, which can be weird adjusting to. But after a few hours of wear (and repeated wears after that) they perfectly hug your every curb and look amazing.

Buy them at American Apparel for $90.


14. Gibson Skirt

gibson skirt leather red the reformation

I’m…low key drooling at this leather skirt. They really don’t make ’em like these anymore, and if you’re in the market for one investment, it might have to be this. Plus, it can be dressed up or down, making it a welcome member of your wardrobe.

Buy it at The Reformation for $238.


15. Vagabond Olivia Suede Boot

vagabond suede ankle boots

When it comes to boots–especially with a heel–you’re better off spending a little more money to ensure high quality, because a low quality heel might split or kill your feet. These suede ankle boots will do neither and will keep your feet cozy (and stylish) all winter long.

Buy them at Urban Outfitters for $175.


16. Chantelle Intimates Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra

Chantelle Intimates full coverage t-shirt bra

Bras are so damn expensive, making them a really easy purchase to pass on. But the next thing you know, you’ve bene wearing the same three bras for three years and they’re an absolute disaster. Bite the bullet and spend some of your holiday cash on a good bra. Hey, you’re going to wear it all the time, so it won’t feel like a waste.

Buy it at Nordstrom starting at $49.30.


17. Josie Maran 100 percent Pure Argan Oil

Josie Maran 100 percent Pure Argan Oil

Argan oil is awesome. It’s great for your skin and can help with cell-turnover, meaning your skin will look fresher and have more of a glow to it. This specific brand is, like, the cadillac of argan oil, so give it a shot.

Buy it at Sephora for $48 (1.7 oz) or $96 (4 oz).


18. Warby Parker x Leith Clark Glasses in Zelda

warby parker leith clark zelda glasses

In the market for a new pair of glasses? Why not go for a cool pair like these? They’re unique without being unwearable and for $145 with frames and prescription, it’s a tough price to beat.

Buy them at Warby Parker for $145 (frames and prescription).

If you could buy anything on this roundup, what would it be? Tell us in the comments!

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