7 Of The Absolute Worst TV Moments Of 2016

I really do love TV shows. I love getting sucked into ridiculous story lines and dramatic plots. But as much as I love drama, I do have to admit that sometimes TV shows can get too dramatic and be a little over the top. Love triangles and best friend blowouts are pretty standard, but writers have been getting, uh, a little bit crazier. Sometimes I’ll be watching what I thought was a normal TV show, and then all of the sudden something insane happens completely out of the blue that makes me go, “Wait, WTF?” It shouldn’t be surprising that TV shows are getting racier and more soap opera-ish. With all of the weird and awful things happening in real life, fictional shows have not choice but to get crazier and crazier. Sometimes, it’s not even fictional dramas that have the worst moments: it can be reality TV shows that disappoint you. All of these things result in the worst TV show moments of 2016.

Just because these TV moments were the worst doesn’t necessarily mean they were awful. It just means that they were somehow disappointing and/or upsetting. Most of these shows aren’t bad, but sometimes they can rip your heart into a million pieces, or make you angry and confused. When I say that these TV moments were the worst, I mean that they either shouldn’t have happened at all, or should have been handled differently. Anyway, if you, too like to be disappointed by your favorite shows, or even certain reality TV, take a look at the worst TV moments of 2016. 

Oh, and fair warning: there are a lot of spoilers for TV episodes that aired this year. Be careful!

Barb's Death On Stranger Things

BARB! Poor, poor Bar's death was the only bad thing about Stranger Things, in my opinion. The show was smart and the plot was brilliant. The only complaint I had was the fact that fan favorite Barb died TOO SOON. Not only that, but her dead body was pretty graphically displayed. That image will haunt me forever.

When You find Out Jack And Rebecca Aren't Together Anymore On This Is Us

I was ROOTING FOR THEM! This Is Us is actually a really good show that takes place in both the past and the present. At the end of the second episode, you learn the main couple, Jack and Rebecca, who have three kids in the pilot episode, actually aren't together in the future. I don't know about you, but my soul was crushed. Honestly, I stopped watching after that, so I don't even know how it panned out. It was a good plot twist, but it made me sad enough to not want to watch the rest of the season, tbh.

Rory Sleeping With Logan On Gilmore Girls

A bad part of the Gilmore Girls revival was when we learned that Rory was sleeping with her ex-boyfriend Logan again. The WORST part of the Gilmore Girls revival was when we learned that he was actually engaged. Finally, to top it all off, it was revealed that Rory was pregnant. Which makes Rory's entire story line pretty much the worst.

Matthew Morrison Humping A Goat On Younger

This show is pretty funny, but one particular season two episode actually scarred me. When the main character Liza breaks up with her long-time boyfriend, she begins looking for a rebound and finds a ~charming~ farm boy and they start flirting with each other at a farmers market. They set up a time to meet again and, well, this man was not as charming as he seemed. She walked in on him literally humping a goat. Uh. Yeah. That was....not fun to watch.

Poussey's Death On Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black keeps getting darker and darker and, unfortunately, season four hit a new low. The beloved character Poussey Washington was killed when she was attacked by a correctional officer, who didn't realize he was choking her. The plot mimicks the case of Eric Gardner, where police killed an innocent man after putting him in a chokehold. The episode was actually reflecting the real-life issues of police brutality that have been increasing over the past few years. It was awful that a much-loved character had to die like that, but it's even worse that it happens so often IRL. This scene was the worst because of how sad and real it was.

Ryan Lochte On Dancing With The Stars

For some reason, Ryan Lochte became a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, even after he literally lied to the entire world about getting robbed. I guess liars make for good reality TV stars? The worst part is that he actually lasted seven episodes. Just goes to show that you can do anything your heart desires, as long as your a famous white male!

The Presidential Debate

Unfortunately, this was not a fictional TV show and was an actual event that happened on television. Trump said the infamous "such a nasty woman" line that inspired at least a thousand (just an estimate) Etsy products all with the phrase "nasty woman" printed on them. That wasn't even the worst part, TBH, considering Trump actually won the election, even after all of that. Sigh.

What was your lest favorite TV moment of 2016? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Kalli T

    Barb’s death propelled most of the plot involving the sister and christmas light lady’s son (I forgot their names). It was perfectly timed. If it had happened later, the show would have moved way too fast, and if it had happened earlier, it would have moved too slow. The entire show was fairly graphic, so I don’t understand how Barb’s body could have surprised you.