20 Genius DIY Projects That Will Help You Get More Organized In 2017

The new year, for me, has always been the time when I get another chance to re-organize my life. Come January, I start being more careful and neat with my planner, I clean out my bedroom and desk, I set up daily challenges to follow, and I try to keep track of everything. And, every year, one thing sticks out in my mind: being organized is hard. It takes a lot of time and effort, especially for a person like me, who is naturally more messy and a little scatter-brained. But the work is worth it, honestly, because it feels so much better to be on top of your sh*t than to never have any clue what’s going on. If you, like me, plan on being more organized as part of your new year resolutions, you could probably use some extra help. Instead of buying stuff, why not make your own?

There are lots of DIY projects out there that help you organize your life, from bedroom projects to stay more clean to makeup storage options to keep all of your beauty products together to style hacks so you can take better care of your clothing. But what about general organization, like keeping track of events and staying on top of your homework while also getting rid of your habit to lose anything important? I’ve put together a list of craft tutorials that will result in items that will help you stay clean and put together in 2017. It’s still going to be a struggle, don’t get me wrong, but these things will definitely help. Here are some genius DIY projects that will get you more organized for the next year – or at least until next December 1.

1. DIY Dry Erase Calendar



Getting a brand new calendar is the perfect way to start your new year off on the right foot. Yes, you have one in your cell phone, and on your computer, and maybe also in your planner. But a giant calendar in your bedroom is helpful too. I love a DIY dry erase calendar because it’s easy to jot down notes quickly, get rid of mistakes, and decorate.


2. DIY Planner Inserts



We have a really great tutorial video on how to make your own planner, which is easier than it sounds. Good, thorough planners aren’t super cheap, and it can be hard to find one that has everything you want. Making your own allows you to really customize your options and only include the things you want/need. Find out how to make your own planner inserts to make things even easier.


3. Make Your Own Bullet Journal



I started a bullet journal a few months ago, and it was really life-changing. A bullet journal is a mix of a very organized planner, habit tracker, and journal. It’s meant to be creative and fun, but also to keep you organized. Follow the link above for tips on creating one and get lots more right here.


4. DIY Washi Cord Labels



This is a small DIY project that could potentially make a big difference. Go throughout your house or bedroom and use Washi tape to label all of the cords so that you always know what goes where. If you’re a messy person or not technologically-savvy, this can be really useful.


5. Make A Command Center



A command center is usually seen on Pinterest as being something a mom makes to keep track of her family. That’s great, but they’re also excellent for one person as well. Make a command center in your room to keep all of your most important things organized. You can put your calendar here, as well as spots for important papers, to-do lists, goals, and whatever else you need.


6. DIY Money Tracker



A new year is a perfect time to start saving more and get smarter with your money. Create a little DIY project that will make that daunting task a little bit easier.


7. DIY Goal List



Using a pice of cardboard, a marker, and Post-It notes, make this super easy goal list. Hang it in your room so you always see it, and fill out your goals on each Post-It, whether they’re for the day, week, or month. Once you’ve completed a goal, take it down and put it in a jar. This serves as a great reminded of both what you need to do and what you’ve already accomplished.


8. DIY Desk Organizer



The first step towards being more organized is getting more clean. If you already have a desk dedicated for work, great. If not, set aside any area as your work spot. And then make this desk organizer – it should hold things you need for homework or studying, like pens, highlighters, markers, erasers, etc. Keeping these little things together makes it easier for you to get things done without being distracted by something small.


9. DIY Tic Tac Holder



Again, keeping track of the little things can often make the big things more simple. Turn old Tic-Tac holders into bobby pin dispensers (or a container for any small object). Keeping track of the stuff you normally lose will help make you feel sane.


10. DIY Colored Keys



If you own a lot of keys, this super simple project will help you keep track of everything in one glance. This is even great so that you can spot a key in your bag a little bit faster.


11. DIY Key Holder



Speaking of keys, this little shelf/hook rack is a great addition to any bedroom, dorm room, or apartment. You can use it to keep your keys in place, something that is especially useful if you are the kind of person who is always losing her keys. You can also use it to hold other smaller items, or just as decor.


12. DIY Hook Rack



Another great organizer/hanger, is a hook rack like this one – we did a similar tutorial video right here. This is great to put by your bedroom door to hang jewelry, belts, coats, hoodies, bags… whatever you want. It will keep your room more clean and ensure the essentials are in easy reach.


13. DIY Magnetic Cereal Boxes



If you have a locker at school, make 2017 the year that you get it organized and clean. These magnetic cereal boxes are great for holding important papers, notebooks, and slim books.


14. Shoebox Charger Station



A charging station isn’t necessary, but if you have a lot of tech products, it will definitely make it easier to find your chargers. And if you live in a dorm with other roomies, this keeps everything in one convenient spot.


15. Chalkboard Drawer Organizer



Organizing your drawers seems like a small and annoying task, but trust me – it could change everything. Some small plastic bins from the dollar store could make your life a whole lot easier. Cleaning up clutter makes you feel more organized and less stressed out, and this method is so clever!


16. DIY School Supply Station



If you’re still in school, this homework station will be a life-changer. It should include everything you might need for homework. Make it look pretty, and it will almost make schoolwork fun!


17. DIY Notebook



Notebooks are great for keeping track of daily to-do lists, something you’ll definitely want to try if you want to be more organized. I love this notebook tutorial, which features pockets on the cover – that makes it so easy to keep important papers close.


18. DIY Bookmarks



If you read a lot, you know that a bookmark can be so helpful. Even if you’re just reading textbooks, they’re great for keeping your spot, obviously. It’s small, but it could make a difference!


19. DIY Magnetic Pen Holder



Always losing your pens? Same. Make this cute pen holder to attach to your planners or notebooks so that you always have one when you need it.


20. DIY Pocket Hanging Organizer



You can never have too many wall organizers, you know? This one is so pretty and easy to put together, and it can hold all of your essentials that you need to be able to grab quickly.

Which one of these DIY projects are you going to try? What did we forget to add? Let me know in the comments!

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