13 Super Last Minute Gift Cards That Literally Anyone Will Like As A Holiday Gift

So, it happened: It’s just a couple of days before Christmas and there’s someone (or, let’s be real, a few people) you still haven’t bought a gift for. It happens to the best of us, especially those of us who are chronic procrastinators. Maybe this friend or family member is a tough person to buy gifts for, or maybe you know what they would want but can’t settle on the perfect thing. Whatever the reason, it’s down to the wire now, and you frankly don’t have anymore time to hum and haw over gift ideas.

Have you considered the gift card route?

I know, you might be cringing at the very thought of giving a gift card; they’re the kind of gifts that you give to someone you barely know, or someone with such different interests than you that buying them a gift would be a lot riskier than just handing them virtual money so they can treat themselves. Yes, gift cards don’t have a reputation as being the most personal of gifts, but they’re perfect in a pinch and–frankly–everybody loves gift cards regardless. I mean, damn, are you turning down a gift card? Didn’t think so, Check out these 13 gift cards that literally anyone would appreciate, whether they’re a music snob, a beauty addict, a bookworm, or a college student that knows that the struggle is all too real.


1. Urban Outfitters

urban outfitters gift card

Urban Outfitters is pretty much our generation’s problematic fave when it comes to shopping. Controversy aside, they really do have everything for everyone, regardless of style profile or gender identity. From basics to trendy pieces, beauty and accessories, music and tech, they pretty much have it all. You can’t really go wrong with this one, period. You can buy gift cards with preset amounts or cards with whatever price you’d like, as long as it is between $25 and $1000.

You can buy one at any Urban Outfitters location or online.


2. Spotify

spotify gift card premium three months

Once you go Spotify premium, you can’t go back. I say this because I know it first hand, and I never would have known how essential an ad-free music experience is unless I gave premium a try for free for a month. Let someone else enjoy that level of music streaming nirvana with three months worth of Spotify Premium.

You can buy one at a drugstore, electronics store, grocery store, or online.


3. Trader Joe’s

trader joes gift card

This is one of the more unconventional gift cards, but it is also one of the best around. When my Godmother gave me a Trader Joe’s gift card when I was a college student, I couldn’t thank her enough. This is seriously GOLD to any young adult living on their own, especially broke students who need as many cheap and relatively healthy snacks as possible. Save a life, cop a Trader Joe’s card.

You can buy one at any Trader Joe’s location.


4. Sephora

sephora gift card

This gift isn’t just for the beauty addicts who compulsively watch makeup tutorial videos before going to bed every night. Even a casual makeup wearer can take advantage of a Sephora card, and people who don’t wear makeup can make skincare, hair care, or fragrance purchases.

You can buy one at any Sephora location.


5. Starbucks

starbucks gift card

You know what’s better than a latte? A free latte, that’s what. Even a coffee snob who thinks that Starbucks isn’t all that wouldn’t say no to a Starbucks card; that bougie coffee shop isn’t open at 8 PM…but Starbucks sure is, and it’s there to treat your caffeine fix.

You can buy one at a Starbucks, drugstore, grocery store, or online.


6. Amazon.com

amazon gift card

You can buy almost anything (and I mean ANYTHING) on Amazon, so an Amazon card is basically like handing over e-cash. You really can’t go wrong.

You can buy one at any drugstore, grocery store, or online.


7. Barnes And Noble 

barnes and noble gift card

Barnes and Noble is one of the last bookstore chains hanging on in this rough book retail market, but it’s not totally irrelevant yet. There are still B&N locations all over the place, making it a great (and convenient) source for a gift card. Sure, this is a solid gift for anyone who loves books, but it’s also great for people who like stationary or magazines as well.

You can buy one at a Barnes and Noble, drugstore, grocery store, or online.


8. Victoria’s Secret

victorias secret gift card christmas

As someone with massive boobs, I always have a bone to pick with Victoria’s Secret not selling my size. But VS is still a great place to get undies, bralettes, and toiletries, especially since there’s always some kind of sale going on.

You can buy one at a Victoria’s Secret or online.


9. Target

target gift card

This might not be the sexiest gift card, but it’s definitely one of the most useful. We can all find something to cop at Target, especially when it comes to beauty and hygiene. Nothing like rolling up to the register with a Target card and spending zilch on that new box of tampons or bottle of leave-in conditioner.

You can buy one at a Target location, drugstore, grocery store, or online.


10. IKEA

ikea gift card

If you know a college student or young adult who lives within a 30 mile radius of an IKEA, this card might make their day. Everything there is so deliciously dirt cheap that you can decorate a whole dorm room or common area for under $50.

Buy one at any IKEA location or online.


11. Department Store

macys nordstrom gift cards

Department store gift cards are nothing to sniff at. Some of the best beauty counters can be found at drug stores, so any beauty obsessed friend or family member will be all about it. Plus, they have such a massive selection of shoes in a wide array of sizes. So, yeah, even if the person receiving this gift isn’t going to department stores all the time, they’ll have plenty of reasons to make a trip.

Buy one in your store of choice, drugstore, grocery store or online (ex, Macy’s, Nordstrom)


12. Visa/American Express/Master Card Gift Card

visa gift card

When all is said and done, the most useful gift card isn’t necessarily a card to a specific location, but a card that can be used at any location as well as online. That’s why Visa/American Express/Master Card gift cards are the GOAT.

Buy one at any drugstore, grocery store, or electronics store.



What’s your hot take on gift cards? Would you ever give one to a friend or a romantic partner? Tell us in the comments!

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