14 Of The Worst Examples Of Contouring From 2016

Of the many things that really “came into their own” over the course of this year–fascism, Kermit memes, etc.–there was none that reached such a pinnacle of being as simultaneously harmless and awful as contouring. Now, contouring (the makeup technique that uses different types of shading and highlighting on one’s face to enhance the cheekbones and slim down the nose) is not a new thing, of course. It’s been around for years, and one could argue that it reached its pinnacle of overexposure in 2015, when increasingly ludicrous contouring techniques like “clown contouring” and “heart contouring” made their rounds on the internet.

But 2016 was a dark, lawless year, determined to outdo any hardships of any previous years. Of its many sins, most egregious might be the fact that this was the year in which contouring left the face and traveled down to the body. Legs were contoured. Toes were contoured. Ears were contoured. Obviously, people are allowed to do what they want to their own bodies, so if contouring every part of your body is something that brings you joy, so be it. It’s just that you sholdn’t feel like you have to contour every inch of skin you have, which is something that full-body contouring videos suggest you need to do. So, without any further ado, check out the worst examples of contouring from 2016 right here:

1. Tape contouring:

Looks painful???

2. Neck contouring:

For a slim, shiny neck.

3. Leg contouring:

Inspired by the Anatomy of the Human body book of my son???. Press ????? Using key products: @esteelauder bronzer @anastasiabeverlyhills cream kit @morphebrushes & @opvlashes brushes @maccosmetics fix + prep&prime #makeup #amazing #lipstick #beauty #contour #opvlashes #abhilluminator #promakeup #sexylegs #instamakeup #makeupMeri #Hudabeauty #makeupjunkie #Legs #beauty #happy #instagood #love #sexy #hot @maquiagemx @hudabeauty @hairmakeupdiary @makeupfanatic1 @styles.video @melformakeup @allmodernmakeup @liveglam.co @howto.makeup @dressyourface @blendwithtrend @universodamaquiagem_oficial @glamvids @videosfashions @brian_champagne @wakeupandmakeup @girlzart @makeupvideosonly @makeupcoach @maquillaje.paramujeres @laurag_143 @omghairmakeup @makeuptutorialsx0x @fashionarttut @fashionclimaxx2 @813fashion @hair.makeup.allure @makeup @makeupvideoss @makeup.val @styleartists @fashion_daily_uae @makeup_clips @1minutemakeup @mazarin_design @tutoriaisinspirations @tutoriaisinspirations @videosbeauty @diytop @womensbestbeauty @worthyofwomen.videos @body.artistry @mystical.makeovers @abs_at_home @home.abs @atualidadefeminina @thestylechick @fashion_lalo @itutorialguide @glamour_guide_ @lovetutorialsx @idiyguide @videosbeauty @makegirlz @ideiasparameninas @tutorialguides_ @diyvideosx @dailymakeup @alyakattan @monakattan

A video posted by Make-up by Meri ? (@makeupmeri) on


4. Toe contouring:


5. Eye contouring:

Eye contouring…is just…eyeshadow. Sorry.

6. Butt contouring:

Who needs to do squats when you can just contour ??? #buttcontour . . video credit – ✨@nycdragun✨ #nycdragun

A video posted by Flawless dolls (@flawlesssdolls) on


7. This color-correcting situation:

Tribal paint!

8. Arm contouring:


A photo posted by MÉLIKIT ™ (@officialmelikit) on

I mean, on a practical note, this would just get all over…everything, right?

9. Ab contouring:

Contouring ABS of a Beauty ? ?? Press ???? Using Key Products: @opvlashes Concealer palette @opvlashes brushes @maccosmetics Fix+ #makeup #makeupMeri #hudabeauty #maccosmetics #OpvlashesHaul #contour #makeup #amazing #beforeandafter #beauty #lipstick #hot #love #blending #sexy #promakeup #abs @hudabeauty @shophudabeauty @makeupslaves @slave2beauty @maquiagemx @hairmakeupdiary @makeupfanatic1 @styles.video @melformakeup @allmodernmakeup @liveglam.co @howto.makeup @dressyourface @blendwithtrend @universodamaquiagem_oficial @glamvids @videosfashions @brian_champagne @wakeupandmakeup @girlzart @makeupvideosonly @makeupcoach @maquillaje.paramujeres @laurag_143 @omghairmakeup @makeuptutorialsx0x @fashionarttut @fashionclimaxx2 @813fashion @hair.makeup.allure @makeup @makeupvideoss @makeup.val @styleartists @fashion_daily_uae @makeup_clips @1minutemakeup @mazarin_design @tutoriaisinspirations @tutoriaisinspirations @videosbeauty @diytop @womensbestbeauty @worthyofwomen.videos @body.artistry @mystical.makeovers @abs_at_home @home.abs @atualidadefeminina @thestylechick @fashion_lalo @itutorialguide @glamour_guide_ @skinnybunnytea @idiyguide @videosbeauty @makegirlz @alyakattan

A video posted by Make-up by Meri ? (@makeupmeri) on

This is good, actually, for that coveted “Edward Cullen in New Moon” kind of look. If that’s what you’re after.

10. Ear contouring:

Yep we went there, we contoured our ears. Read all about it on @dailymail now. Thanks for the inspo @kyliejenner ?

A photo posted by Daily Mail Femail (@femail) on

In February, Kylie Jenner put a makeup video on her app in which she instructed her makeup artist to contour her ears. This turned out to be a joke, but then, as you can see, people actually did it.

11. “Lip contouring:”

#lip #contour #lip_contour #lipcontouring #UAE #myuae

A photo posted by Lime Crime Anastasia theBalm (@dukan_makeup) on

You know how a word can lose meaning if you say it too much? This, for me, is “contouring” right now.

12. Contouring “lip gloss:”


13. Literally whatever is happening here:


14. Please, just…stop. It’s okay:

What do you think of the contouring from this year? Which kind is your “favorite?” Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.


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