8 Things You Have To Do During Winter Break For Straight A’s In 2017

After months of memorizing complicated math problems and totally random science terms, it is finally winter break. It’s definitely time to kick your feet up and enjoy the time off. As tempting as it is to binge-watch Netflix all day while munching on Christmas cookies, there are things you can do to get ready for next semester that will make life so much easier.

I’m not trying to be a party pooper and tell you that you should spend your entire break studying. That’s not my intention at all. What I’m saying is that a little preparation now will make next semester a lot easier, and who doesn’t want that? Better prep usually translates to better grades. You can even do a lot of it while you’re still munching on those Christmas cookies.

If you want to make the most of your time off school, check out the things that you can do during your winter break that will hopefully set you up to get straight A’s next semester.

Assess Your Study Habits From Last Semester

You've probably developed some sort of routine since September. The winter break is the perfect time to decide what's working and what isn't working. There's no point in continuing what you're doing if it's not helping you or translating to good grades. So, take that critical eye you've developed in class and apply it to your studying routine.

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Chill Out

I know it can seem counter intuitive, but you need to give yourself a break. And let me be the first to say that you definitely do deserve one. If you think that studying every single day for eight hours is the way to go for your winter break, don't kid yourself. There's a 0.1 percent chance of that happening. And if does, you'll probably go back to school burned out and that's not the way you want to start off the semester.

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Create A Plan

Do you know your courses? What about your deadlines? If you have any information, start writing it down on a calendar so you can figure out what weeks are going to be intense and what ones are going to have lighter workloads. If you work, you can also start planning your schedule around them.

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Reorganize All Of Your Stuff

Has your binder seen better days? Are there 10 random pages shoved in the back of your folder? Is your backpack a disaster zone? When it was crazy in school, you probably just shoved stuff wherever and said you would worry about it later. Now is later and it's the perfect time to sort through all that stuff. You'll be happy you did when you don't have to frantically search through your notebooks the first day back.

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Catch Up On Your Sleep

You probably don't need me to tell you to sleep more, but I'm going to. It's likely that you've had a few late nights recently thanks to exams so catch up on those missed hours over the holidays. I know it's tempting to stay out late with friends during your free time, but you have all day to chill with them. You want to begin the semester feeling refreshed, not feeling like crap.

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Read and Review

If you have a course that continues next semester, it can be a good idea to do some reading over the winter break so the stuff stays in your mind. I know it might be boring, but you don't have to do it for hours each day. Even if you just skim over your summary notes a few days here and there can make a huge difference.

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Organize A Study Group

When study groups are done right, they can be really effective. If you wanted to be in one last semester, but you were too busy trying to finish assignments to actually get involved in one, make use of your free time now by trying to form one. You won't feel as pressured into choosing random people to study with just for the sake of having a group. With more time, you can reach out to people who have similar study habits as you.

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Stock Up On New Materials

You probably got the bulk of your school supplies in September, but there might be some new things you need for your new set of classes. Instead of waiting for school to begin again, get them now. You'll miss all of the crowds and you'll have one less thing to do when you go back to class.

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What do you do over the winter break to get ready for school? Let us know in the comments!

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