11 Of The Weirdest Inventions Made In 2016 You Didn’t Even Know Existed

A lot of weird things happened this year, but you probably already know that. 2016 had its ups and down, but mostly, they were all downs. And while we are happy that the year is ending, we can’t help but round up all of the strange and dumb things that it “blessed”  us with. Along with the most strange fashion trends and relationship goals, these annual roundups wouldn’t be complete without a list of the weirdest inventions of 2016.

I know what you’re thinking: inventions sound, well, boring. They might make you think of dorky scientists in a lab who never see the light of day. But aside from the fact that they definitely aren’t boring, they’re also super important. This year, we got closer to self-driving cars, those virtual reality helmets that are cool AF, and we were finally able to download Netflix videos OFFLINE. In a way, it was a great year for technology. In another way, it was a weird year for technology, because some people invented some things that were, well… super strangeI personally love to see all of the craziest inventions from the year so that I can be simultaneously impressed and weirded out. I like to see things that make me think “has science finally gone too far?!” The answer is almost always yes. If you, too, are curious about the wild inventions that came out this year, take a look at the weirdest things that were made in 2016: 

1. A $349 Light Bulb


Is it cool? Sure. I mean, it levitates. That is some Harry Potter level technology. Is it worth almost $400? Absolutely not. And yet, people are buying it.


2. The iPhone 7

I mean…there’s no headphone jack. WTF? Do I even need to say anything else? This was the year Apple finally decided to do the weirdest things with their products and I am not into it.


3. Apple Airpods

First of all: they are small AF and will easily be lost. Second of all, nobody asked for wireless Apple headphones, so why did we get them? Third of all, they look SO WEIRD.


4.The Galaxy Note 7

Sure, the phone is cool. It has a lot of fun features and it takes pretty good pictures. But there is the issue of it, uh, occasionally blowing up. So…yeah. That’s a pretty strange invention.  And by strange I mean really, really bad


5. Gatebox Virtual Home Robot

Okay, the idea of a home robot can be pretty cool, but this one is just so extra. The robots are being treated as if they are actual human beings and that is TOO strange,IMO. This commercial implies that they have some sort of weird relationships and I just…can’t.


6. Self-Tying Sneakers

It’s pretty strange that people would pay $720 for self-tying sneakers when they could just, I don’t know, tie their sneakers themselves? Hm.


7. A Brainbit

This is like a Fitbit..for your brain. Confused? Same. Weirded out? Me too. This head band monitors your brain activity AND makes you look like 11 from Stranger Things. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want my brain to be monitored 24/7.


8. SCio Food Scanner

It looks like a tiny, regular remote, but the SCio can scan any type of food and see how many calories are in it. On the one hand, I think it can be good to know what you’re putting in your body. But on the other hand, this invention seems like a disaster waiting to happen, with people always analyzing their food. It might even lead to disordered eating. No thanks.


9. Remote Controlled Dog

I want a dog as much as the next person, but this robotic dog seems a little…silly. It is a toy, which means it’s not actually meant to replace an actual dog. But still, it’s a little creepy, right? I mean, look at those eyes? Eek.


10. PitPat Dog Fitness Tracker

No offense, but why do you need to track your dogs steps? Why not just get a remote controlled dog, TBH.


11. An Umbrella That Tells You When It’s Going To Rain

Honestly, the iridescent design of this umbrella is pretty cool. But the concept doesn’t really make sense. The umbrella is supposed to send alerts to you when it’s going to rain and remind you to bring your umbrella. But can’t you just check the weather yourself? IDK. It seems weird and pointless to me.

Which of these inventions are the weirdest? Tell us in the comments!

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