The 16 Most Popular Hair Trends Of 2016 You’ll Never Forget

Just like clothing and makeup, the most popular hair styles and colors change every year. Of course, there are some classic hair looks that will probably always stick around, like beachy locks, Victoria’s Secret inspired waves, and perfectly natural looking highlights. There are also the looks that will continue to go in and out of the trend list forever, as far as I’m concerned, like bangs, buns, and blunt cuts. But then there are the styles that gain so much popularity so quickly that it seems only inevitable for them to crash and burn. Even though they have a quick death (usually), these are the styles we remember and often cringe about when looking back on the past – and some of these popular hair trends from 2016 will definitely have that effect.

Last year, we saw this happen with half-up buns – they were suddenly everywhere, and then… they were gone, replaced with something new and slightly different that felt more fresh. It’s sort of sad, but it’s just the circle of life in the beauty industry (that sounded dramatic). In reality, you can continue to your hair like these styles and colors forever, if you want, but it’s sort of fun to see what gained traction when you’re looking back on your past year. Want to know what you’ll remember forever about 2016? Here are some of the most popular hair trends of the year:

1. Space Buns

Was there anyone who didn’t try the space buns hairstyle at least once in 2016? I think not. Double buns started gaining traction towards the end of 2015, but they really hit their stride in the beginning of 2016. They’re cute, easy, and different – and I’ve already noticed them making their way out.

2. Half-Up Space Buns

The popularity of basic space buns was quickly replaced with half-up space buns, which seemed only natural. These were the unofficial “quirky” hairstyle of 2016 and honestly, I’m a big fan.

3. Half up ponytails

Speaking of the half-up look, though, it was basically impossible to do anything this year without seeing some version of it. From half-up ponytails to space buns to buns to braids, there was something for everyone.

4. Double Braids

Double braids were everywhere this year as well, springing from the super popular 2015 trend of two Dutch braids that were inspired, in part, by the Kardashian-Jenner favorite. This year, though, they became a little bit more creative.

5. Rose Gold Hair

2016 was a big year for colorful hair, but if I had to pick the most popular shade of the year, it would have to be rose gold pink – no surprise, considering this Millennial pink hue was everywhere else too. I had rose gold hair when my pink dye faded, and honestly, it was gorgeous, so I hope this sticks around.

6. Pink Hair

When your hair and your lipstick and your shirt match ? #pinkhairdontcare #matrix #matrixhair #creativityunleashed

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Pink hair was also a huge trend, and although the shade is super similar to rose gold (some might say identical), I still think it deserves its own category. This was the year we all got the courage to try it, me included!

7. Natural Texture

2016 definitely wasn’t a year of sleek, straight locks. Natural texture ruled, which I think is amazing. From natural curls to tousled waves, embracing your hair in whatever form, even straight, was cool.

8. Darker Roots, Lighter Hair

?????? #blonde #girlswithpiercings #septum #piercedandproud #darkroots #mua #lacefront

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One of my favorite hair trends of the year was the dark roots/blonde hair thing that was going on – mainly because I bleach my hair, and the fact that my grown out roots were trendy made things a lot easier for me. This “I don’t care” look went nicely with the overall casual athleisure style of the year.

9. Hats

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Or, more specifically, baseball hats. Dad hats. Whatever you want to call them, they were all over the place and totally inescapable.

10. Very Platinum

Blondie ??

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Remember when Kylie Jenner bleached her hair super platinum blonde and kind of made you want to do the same thing? Me too. So did Jennifer Lawrence, Kristin Stewart, Rita Ora, and more celebs. Inspiring!

11. Hidden Rainbow

Would you try this new trend? yay or nay? #wolipop #hiddenrainbowhair

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It should come as no surprise that in a year when we were obsessed with unicorns, we were also obsessed with rainbow hair. Hidden rainbow highlights were a big Instagram trend, and I’m not sure how far they actually made it, but damn, they were pretty to look at.

12. Bun Dropping

Remember when this weird trend of slow-mo bun dropping videos was huge? Very soothing to look at, but also extremely random.

13. Curling Your Hair With Weird Objects

Why… are we like this

14. Glitter Undercuts

?Glitter Baby? Nothing says holiday party like GLITTER! #tbt to this gem, Enjoy! . . #glitterundercut #mandaladesign #buzzbuzz #holidayhairideas

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I can’t tell you if these ever extended past Instagram, but I can tell you they’re amazing to look at.

15. Long Extensions


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At some point, unrealistically long hair extensions came back to us. Maybe it was all of those Kylie Snapchats of her fingering her long fake locks? I don’t know. I just thought we were better than this, guys.

16. The Lob

It's actually raining today. *all of LA is freaking out* ??

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Will the Lob ever go out of style? IDK. I hope not.

Which one of these 2016 hair trends was your favorite? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments!

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