7 Body Image Resolutions That You Should Actually Take The Time To Accomplish

Are we living in a post-self-care world? Okay, I know, that take was flaming hot, but here me out: I think we’re going through self-care fatigue, at least when it comes to tackling issues like body image. For ages it was impossible to explore sites like Tumblr without seeing cutesy graphics proclaiming to love your body as it is. You’re beautiful, thick thighs save lives, f**k body shaming, etc, you know the drill. And while you’ll still see plenty of that, I think that we’re collectively deciding that it’s time to stop being cute and pretending that we love everything about ourselves, and start getting real and acknowledge that we have a long way to go until we can look at our bodies in the mirror and feel nothing but self-love.

It’s just not that simple, and the road to feeling a little more chill with your body isn’t accomplished by reblogging, retweeting, or liking aestheticaly pleasing graphics with body positive quotes attached to them.

I’d rather hear people say that they struggle to embrace their stretch marks, but they’re working on it. I’d rather people admit that some days they really hate the way they look, and on other days they feel more confident. I’d rather hear people admit that sometimes they get jealous of other people’s bodies, and suck in their stomachs sometimes, than pretend that they decided that one day they were going to love their body forever and ever. It’s just not realistic, and I think that the only way we’re actually going to overcome some of our deepest body image woes is if we do little things to help ourselves feel better than to quote soaring platitudes like they’re a cure-all.

Still with me? Okay then. Let’s decide that 2017 is the year that we tackle these seven body image resolutions.

Stop Assuming That Everybody's Body Is Great While Yours Is Gross

You know what actually helps ease this? Actually seeing your friends in bathing suits or somewhat reveaing clothes. It's like, wow, your thighs touch too? Little things like that will make you feel a lot less odd about yourself.

Emphasize The Features You DO Love As Some Real Self Care

Okay so here's the thing: you're not always going to love your tummy. Maybe it's your boobs that you can't stand, or your calves, or your zits. But maybe you love your lips to death. Slather on some lipstick. Maybe you think your legs are pretty dam nice. Wear a mini skirt or your favorite skinny jeans. Balance out your confidence so you feel happier about yourself. It's not a magic wand, but it's the little things that really count sometimes.

Don't Weigh Yourself Everyday

You don't have to be some self-destructive character from A Very Special Episode to have a problematic relationship with your weight. Listen, weight fluctuates throughout the day, so weighing yourself before you sleep and then weighing yourself when you wake up and then weighing yourself again an hour later is NOT something you should do. Not only are the numbers inaccurate, this behavior is straight up maddening.

Remember: Not Everything Is What It Seems

Yo, do you realize how many images out there are retouched to hell? I mean, Beyonce's visual team is out here photoshopping her thighs. Even those people you follow on Instagram photoshop who look like poreless, flawless angels are editing the hell out of there photos. Look at everything you see with a big grain of salt, no matter what the source is.

Have Realistic Goals

If you're trying to lose weight in a healthy way, remember that this doesn't happen overnight. You might be thinking "duh," but believe me, I know how easy it is to get hooked into the idea of getting damn near instant results. Working out for a week won't make you lose two dress sizes, and if you lost two dress sizes after a week then something unhealthy is going on with your routine anyway! And no, drinking a ton of laxative tea that some D-list Instagram celeb is shilling isn't going to be magical either. Get a little more exercise in, eat more veggies, and take it slow.

Don't Fish For Compliments When You're Down

You really cant rely on other people to make yourself feel good. You have to make yourself feel good on your own. Plus, not every friend is, er, great at indulging you. You probably know this already. You're stronger than relying on pity, dude.

Unfollow Accounts That Make You Feel Bad

Been there, dude. There's always that person you follow who maybe posts a lot about exercise and weigh loss and their waist is perfect and you just want to die. Unfollow, babe. Like, seriously, Kylie Jenner won't feel bad.

What other body image resolutions do you plan to make next year? Tell us in the comments!

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