10 Surprising Things That Could Be Causing Your Bacne

Pimples of any type suck. It doesn’t matter whether they’re red bumps, pus-filled whiteheads, or those painful under-the-skin craters. They’re also super annoying whether they’re on your face, back, chest, vagina, or another surprising body part. Body acne might not be as annoying in the winter because we’re covered up in fifty thousand layers, but why let it continue on when you can try and get to the root of the problem?

There are many different factors that contribute to acne. Some of them we can control, and some of them not so much. (Thanks for the help, science!) What we can do is figure out if some of our lifestyle choices are impacting our skin. You may not realize it, but everything from your daily habits to what you wear could be contributing to your pimples and that includes the ones on your back.

While it might be harder to see what’s going on with your back compared to your face, it’s worth it. Check out the surprising things that could be causing you to break out on your back. Then try switching them up and see if it helps your skin.

Your Blankets And Sheets

Here's a reason that will convince you to wash your sheets more: They could be the thing that's contributing to your bacne. Livestrong explains that your sheets basically absorb the dirt and oil from your body as you use them. If you continually sleep in those dirty sheets, all that bacteria can go right back onto your body. Ick. The result? Breakouts.

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The Shampoo You're Using

You might be scratching your head with this one, but hear me out. When you wash your hair in the shower, where does all of that shampoo go when you rinse it off your head? Exactly. It goes down your back. It should all get rinsed away, but there is a chance it could leave a residue. Ditto for your conditioner. To minimize the chance of your shampoo making you break out on your back, wash your hair first then your body.

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Hormones Acting Up

You know how you always seem to get a massive zit around the time of your period? Those same hormones that cause the skin on your face to flare up can also do the same thing to your back, as well as other parts of your body, according to Murad.

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Your Chair

If you're rocking a top with an open back, you're going to think twice before sitting back in that chair from now on. It's gross to think about, but any chair or thing that touches your exposed back has the potential to make you break out because of the bacteria on them. Let's face it, it's not like those school chairs are cleaned on a daily basis.

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What You're Eating

We all know that what we eat affects our bodies from the inside out, but did you think it went so far as affecting the pimples on your back? I didn't, but it turns out it can. Try limiting your intake of sugar, carbs, and fatty foods to see if it improves your bacne.

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Your Bra

Do you wash your bra, like never? So, you probably shouldn't be too surprised that your dirty bra could be making you break out. Even if you're washing it on a consistent basis, the rubbing from it could still cause zits. Have a look in the mirror to see whether your bacne follows the lines of your bra. If you think your bra is making your skin worse, try switching to a bra made out of a more breathable material, like cotton. And make sure you're wearing the right size. Oh, and washing it.

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Working Out

Sweat might come from our bodies, but it can also mess them up. If you're getting your fitness on, don't leave that sweaty gym shirt on afterwards because it's doing no favors to your skin. It's even worse if you're working out in a tight top made from a synthetic material. In an ideal world, you should be showering as soon as you're finished with any sweaty gym activity. If you can't, at least try to use cleansing wipes on your bod.

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Anything That Rubs Your Back

Acne Mechanica is a fancy term that refers to acne caused by irritants. This type of acne is most common on your back and it's caused by anything that repeatedly rubs against it. Think purse straps, backpacks, and that fancy body harness you thought looked cool. When sweating is involved, the likelihood of Acne Mehanica happening is even higher.

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Your Favorite Soap

Do you have a body wash that you're obsessed with? Unfortunately, it could be causing problems with your skin. While it might smell amazing, it could also contain things that are clogging your pores and causing breakouts. Play it safe by switching to a body wash that is specifically meant for acne. It will help clear up any pimples you have and stop new ones from forming.

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That Top You're Wearing

If you're a lover of tight tops, they're doing no favors for your bacne. It's even worse if you're rocking a top made out of a synthetic material like polyester. The reason being is that form-fitting tops made out of synthetic materials don't allow your skin to breathe. Once you start sweating it that top, the sweat is going to have no place to go which could result it in clogging your pores. Lovely.

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Do you have bacne? How do you treat it? Let us know in the comments!

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