16 Gifts You Need To Give To The F**kboy In Your Life

Of the many things that attained notable, nauseating popularity in 2016 – Harambe, Hamilton, millenial pink, etc. – there is no ascension that I have found more fascinating than that of the f**kboy.  (I am sure that you can imply the real word, which I am not going to say on this website in honor of the modesty standard for which gurl.com is so well-known.) F**kboy is not a new term, obviously, but the term reached a level of common interest that could only be deemed oversaturation–2016 started off with the precious, but undeniably f**kboy-esque Damn Daniel meme, transitioned into the f**kboy-favored “Dicks Out For Harambe” movement, and finished off f**kboys turning out to the polls in record numbers to elect Donald Trump as the President-elect of theUnited States.

Going by this logic, it stands to reason that you might have a f**kboy in your life–and, perhaps, that you are looking to get them something special this year.

Now, you do not need to actually give anything to any f**kboy that may or may not be in your life, as I am sure that they will not be giving any thoughtful material good to you. But it is fun to think about, isn’t it? Plus, Christmas is less than a week away now, which means that your time is running out for Christmas-arrival shipping guarantees. So, if you order any of these items with the intention of giving them to someone, chances are good that they will arrive a few days after Christmas, leaving you with no choice but to roll up to their house on the 28th or 29th of December, bearing a gift that, no matter how grand it is, will appear small and insignificant in the post-Christmas, pre-New Year period. So, if you think about it, that really is the only way to keep with the f**kboy spirit, is it not? So, release any qualms you may have about late shipment. Release any qualms you may have about texting anyone back in a reasonable manner. Release all qualms you may have at any point ever, and embrace these items that truly encapsulate what it meants to be an honest-to-god-f**kboy:

1. The Entourage movie on blu-ray:


Entourage: The Movie, $5, Amazon


2. Actually, just the entire Entourage series:


Entourage: The Complete Series, $61.99, Amazon


3. This gorgeous cross-stitch:


Embroidery, $35, Etsy


4.  This iconic poster that perfectly encapsulates all of his needs and desires:


Supreme X Kate Moss Poster, $24, Etsy


5. And this poster that does the same thing:


Supreme X Kermit Poster, $18, Etsy


6. This laptop sticker that broadcasts many of the same values:


Seinfeld Supreme Parody Sticker, $3, Redbubble


7. Stussy shirt, so that he may be like Damn Daniel himself:


Stussy Classic Logo Tee, $34, Urban Outfitters


8. The perfect cap to keep his li’l ears warm:


Quilted Earflap Camp Cap, $68, Supreme


9. The Life Of Pablo tour sweatshirt, obviously:


Ultra Light Beam Pullover, $41.98, Etsy


10. This t-shirt, because, again–obviously:


You Are Here Shirt, $15, Etsy


11. This phone case that annoys you, sure, but will be sure to strike joy into the heart of any true f**kboy:


Prickafornia Phone Case, $20.98, Etsy


13. This t-shirt that speaks to a different type of f**kboy, it is true, but a f**kboy all the same:


Flag Whale T-shirt, $42, Vineyard Vines


14. This one, too:


Nirvana Smiley T-shirt, $15.37, Hot Topic


15. This Matty B T-shirt:


(Oh, you hadn’t heard? Matty B is a street style god now.)

Matty B Shirt, $25, Matty B Raps Official Gear


16. And, finally, a copy of Infinite Jest, so he’s more convincing when he says it’s his “favorite book:”:


Infinite Jest, $10.99, Amazon


What do you think of these gifts? Would you get any of them? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.


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