18 Genius Last Minute Gift Ideas That Don’t Suck

By now, you’ve probably already reached that state of shock feeling that accompanies the realization that Christmas is only a few short days away. Yes, it feels like December just started, but facts are facts: December 25th is less than a week away. And, let’s be honest – you probably have not picked out the perfect gift for everyone on your list yet, despite last year’s claims that this year you would be more organized and prepared. It’s in these moments that you realize you can’t order something fun and quirky off of Etsy or pick out something cool from one of the many, many gift guides Gurl.com offers (unless you pay extra for priority shipping). Some of you don’t even have time to hit up the very crowded mall. How do you pick a last minute gift that doesn’t suck when you have zero time??

The answer is obvious – buy someone a nice card and give them money, or pick up a gift card to their favorite store. Okay, that’s fine and totally acceptable, but it’s also boring. No offense. I love gift cards but simultaneously hate receiving them as gifts (it’s complicated). Giving someone a gift card just doesn’t feel like you’ve out any thought into what to buy them, and on top of that, it feels like it’s something last minute. If you want to still be thoughtful even though you have no time to put any real effort into a gift, check out the ideas below. They’re easy, fun, and creative. Here are a few last-minute gift ideas you need to keep in mind:

1. A FabFitFun Box


There are lots of subscription boxes out there, but FabFitFun is different. Products range from fashion to beauty to health and wellness and lifestyle. The products are all full-size, which is amazing when you consider how tiny some of the samples are in other subscription boxes. And everything is awesome. I received this fall box and it came with the best products that I use all the time. This is a great gift if you don’t know what to get someone because it offers so much. And you can just order it online!

FabFitFun Box, $49.99, FabFitFun


2. A Starbucks Gift Card and Mug


No matter where you live, I bet there’s a Starbucks close enough to make it easy to grab a quick gift. Right now, Starbucks stores are offering tons of cute mugs and tumblers that would make great gifts. Accompany one with a gift card and you’re good to go!

Starbucks Wood Print Tumbler, $15.96, Starbucks


3. A Succulent Plantsucculents

Succulents are really trendy right now, meaning they’re also really easy to find. You should be able to grab a cute little succulent plant in a grocery store or florist near you. You can stick it in a ceramic planter and give it as a small gift. If you feel like that’s too small, give it to someone along with money or a gift card.


4. Cora Tampon Subscription Box


If you’re searching for a good gift for a female friend or family member, consider a Cora subscription box. You can pick how many tampons you want in each box (which is why the price varies) and when it should arrive. The first box comes with a cute little box that makes carrying them to the bathroom easier and more sleek. The tampon packaging is really sophisticated, and these are all-natural products that aren’t made with icky chemicals.

Cora Tampon Box, price varies, Cora


5. An Adult Coloring Book with Colored Pencils


Adult coloring books make a great gift because they’re fun and a little silly. Plus, you can find them almost anywhere right now. Make it a little more exciting by throwing in a box of fine felt-tip markers or colored pencils.

Lost Ocean Coloring Book, $10.37, Amazon


6. A Year of Amazon Prime


Give the gift that keeps on giving with a one-year Amazon Prime subscription. It’s pricey, but if you want to spend that much, this is a great gift option. Prime comes with free two-day shipping for most items, better Instant movie and TV options, and more great perks.

Amazon Prime Subscription, $99.99, Amazon


7. A BlueApron Box


If you’re looking for a good gift for your mom or someone who loves to cook, BlueApron is a great option. BlueApron delivers food and recipes for three meals a week for either two people or four. The meals are always different, delicious, and easy to prepare.

Blue Apron Gift Card, price varies, BlueApron


8. Beauteque Mask Maven Subscription


Okay, so this is one of my absolute favorite monthly subscription boxes, and I don’t know why it isn’t more popular. The Mask Maven subscription sends a pile of sheet masks to your house each month to try. Most of the packaging is in another language, but they send along a little sheet explaining each one. I LOVE this box! Gift it to the beauty guru in your life.

Beauteque Monthly Mask Maven, price varies, Beauteque 


9. Bath Products


You really can’t go wrong with a pretty set of bath and body products, and they’re also easy to find. The Body Shop makes some of my favorite gift sets. All of the products are excellent and so nice to look at.

The Body Shop Shea Festive Small Picks Gift, $20, Ulta


10. DIY Hot Cocoa Kit


DIY projects don’t really make great last minute gifts because they require a lot of work and typically some shopping – something you probably don’t have time for. So, do something easy like a little hot cocoa kit. Go to the grocery store and pick up individual packets of hot chocolate, some marshmallows and candies, cute cups, and a few other accessories. Put them in a pretty box and you’ve got a sweet gift.

DIY Hot Cocoa Kit


11. A Movie Gift Card


Movies are expensive AF, so any time you get a free pass is a good time. Give someone a fandango gift card that covers at least two movies (or a move and snacks). I think it’s also cute to throw in some bags of candy and maybe a bag of microwaveable popcorn. It makes the gift a little bit more thoughtful!

Fandango Gift Card, price varies, Fandango


12. Homemade Cookies


If you’re good at baking and you have the extra time, make a batch of cookies to give someone. Pick an easy recipe and package them in a holiday tin. And even if you can’t bake, just run to the nearest bakery and buy them. No one will care as long as they’re delicious.

Source: iStock


13. A Monthly Beauty Subscription Box


Even though they’ve been around for a long time, monthly beauty subscription boxes still make great gifts. Everyone always raves about Birchbox, but I personally liked Ipsy’s GlamBag better. Ipsy gives a cute makeup bag every month, and I found that their products are typically a little bigger than the ones I got from Birchbox.

Ipsy GlamBag Subscription, $10 a month, Ipsy


14. A Nice Candle


I think that a nice candle is a great gift for anyone – most people don’t buy them too often, but everyone loves them. And you can find them anywhere! Pick out a few small ones, or grab a more pricey one.

Volupsa Candle, $21.37, Amazon


15. A Mouth Gift Box


If you have not yet been introduced to Mouth, I’m so sorry. Mouth is a food subscription box service that sends out delicious snacks each month. You can pick a theme and the duration, and they’ll send an e-certificate, so things couldn’t be easier. Give this to anyone who loves food!

Mouth Subscription Box, price varies, Mouth


16. A Gift Card To Their Favorite Restaurant


Speaking of food, a gift card to their favorite restaurant definitely isn’t a bad idea. It gives them a fun night out for free and is less boring and more thoughtful than just money in a card.

Mouth Subscription Box, price varies, Mouth


17. A Photo


Keep it personal with a photo in a nice frame as a gift. It can be of you guys or just a photo they really like. Tons of stores sell inexpensive frames, so print it out, then grab a frame, stick it inside and wrap it!

Rustic Wood Frame, $10.53, Amazon


18. A Target Gift Card


Okay, I know I said gift cards are boring, but Target gift cards are different because Target is magical. Buy this for literally anyone and they will appreciate it.


Which one of these last minute gift ideas are you going to try out for someone? What did we forget to include? Share in the comments!

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