16 Rose Colored Gifts That Are Too Pretty To Pass Up

Hey, did you know that it’s cool to like pink again? Once maligned as frivolous and overly girly–because girly is bad and dumb and bad–the internet some fourth wave feminists’ reclamation of the feminine as radical has turned pink into a color with an agenda. The agenda is simple: Pink is now bold and badass, chic and demure, bubbly and cute af, as multifaceted as the gender the color is ascribed to…and it’s also just a great color.

But there are many types of pinks getting love right now. There’s rose gold, which has had a moment for a while, but a more pastel variety–called everything from Millennial pink, to Tumblr pink, to “Hotline Bling” pink–are popular as well; even Pantone made “rose quartz” its color of the year in 2016. I mean, these pinks are literally everywhere and they don’t seem to be phasing out of popularity yet. If you ask me, good! It’s eye catching and aesthetically pleasing AF. So whether you’re in love with the color yourself or you have a friend or family member who is, why not check out these 16 rose colored gifts that you’ll go nuts over. From clothes, to stationary, to skincare (yes, skincare), theres something for everyone here.

1. Turtleneck T-Shirt

pink rose blush turtleneck t shirt zara

This dusty pink turtleneck looks perfect paired underneath a sleeveless dress or tucked into your favorite pair of blue high waisted jeans. Throw on some ankle boots or sleek Oxfords and you’re solid.

Buy it at Zara for $22.90.


2. Rose Edge Notebook

rose edge notebook pink

Make your stationary nice to look at with this pretty rose gold notebook. It’s small and slender enough to throw in your purse, too, so you’ll always have it whenever your writing bug bites.

Buy it at Bando for $8.


3. Rose Gold Socks

rose gold socks

Elegant and playful, these sparkly socks would look killer paired with your favorite Oxfords and a pair of wide leg ankle pants or a mini dress. Pair with mustard or deep blue for a look that really pops.

Buy them at ASOS for $6.50.


4. Chill Pill iPhone Case

chill pill cell phone case valfre

Who doesn’t need a little more chill in their lives? I know I do, damn. Whether you’re an anxious reck and want to treat yourself, or you want to give a neurotic friend a clever gif, this cell phone case is perfect (and perfectly pink).

Buy the iPhone 6 case or iPhone 7 case for $38.


5. Glossier Balm Dotcom

Glossier Balm Dotcom

How can we even talk about Millenial pink without talking about cult beauty brand Glossier? They really helped popularize the hell out of it, and it’s…so…damn…pretty. What is it about it? Anyway, get your dose of this pretty pink on the regular with Balm Dotcom, a salve that you’ll want to keep in your purse at all times.

Buy it at Glossier for $12.


6. Pink Denim Mini Pinafore Dress

ASOS CURVE Open Back Denim Mini Pinafore Dress in Pink

Pair this pretty pink pinafore dress with a fitted turtleneck or crop top, throw on your favorite shoes, and you’re solid! Make it cozy with a cardigan or sporty with a bomber jacket.

Buy it at ASOS for $46.


7. Mermaid Bomber Jacket

mermaid bomber jacket valfre

Calling all mermaid wannabees: this is the bomber jacket for you. Seriously, you’ll end up finding an excuse to wear it with literally anything, from your favorite mom jeans to your favorite cami dress.

Buy it at Valfre for $98.


8. Gourmand Candle In Macaron Rose

Gourmand Candle Macaron Rose

You can be pretty in pink without actually wearing it. Give your room a pop of color and fill your nose with rosey goodness with this rose wax candle.

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $14.


9. Hail Satin Bomber Jacket

hail satin pink bomber jacket

If your style leans bold, make a serious statement with this Hail Satin bomber jacket by Tuesday Bassen. Bible thumpers might clutch their pearls and not quite get that this jacket is about satin, the material, not Satan, the devil. But hey, isn’t that part of the fun?

Buy it at Shop Tuesday for $150.


10. Chloe Perfume

Chloe Roses Perfume

I’m no perfume expert, but I love Chloe. It always smells so light and fresh, even when it comes in a rose scent. You won’t smell like a grandma, trust.

Buy the 1.7 oz bottle for $90 or the rollerball for $28 at Sephora.


11. Pink Mom Jeans

pink rose mom jeans

How often do you find a pair of pink pants that actually look good. This dark dusty rose is a lot eaiser to rock than its pastel cousin and would look great with muted gold, olive green, and creams.

Buy them at Zara for $39.90.


12. Herbivore Botanicals Mini Rose Hibiscus Face Mist

Herbivore Botanicals Mini Rose Hibiscus Face Mist

Give your mug a little TLC with this rose hibiscus infused coconut water face mist. Spray a little bit in the morning or spray at will throughout the day to freshen up.

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $16.


13. Dusky Pink Satin Clutch

True Decadence Dusky Pink Satin Clutch

Any girly girl would love this dusty clutch to death. Perfect for those days when you’re all dolled up and you want an excuse to go somewhere.

Buy it at ASOS for $43.


14. Rose Aviator Sunglasses

rose aviator sunglasses

Embrace your inner ’90s music video vixen (she’s in all of us) with these killer aviator sunglasses. They’re definitely on the wild side, but they’re too dope to pass up.

Buy them at Dolls Kill for $40.


15. ASOS Star Pointed Heels

ASOS STAR Pointed Heels

This roundup would be incomplete without some pink shoes. These heels can be dressed down with a pair of jeans or dressed up with a mini or midi dress. Plus, you can rock them in cold weather too with a pair of tights; consider going for a colorful pair!

Buy them at ASOS for $58.


16. Adidas Originals Pink Nubuck Leather Stan Smith Sneakers

adidas Originals Pink Nubuck Leather Stan Smith Sneakers With Strap

Heels not your thing? Go sporty with these pastel pink Adidas that would look perfect with anything from jogger bottom pants or ankle jeans. You can even mix sporty and girly with these shoes and a cami dress with a big ol’ bomber jacket.

Buy them at ASOS for $110.


Which of these gifts would you cop ASAP if you could? Tell us in the comments!

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