10 Mistakes You’re Making When You Pluck Your Eyebrows

If you are a human with a pair of eyebrows, you probably already know that dealing with and maintaining said eyebrows is something that is easier said than done. Eyebrow fashion is something that always seems to be changing, so no matter what your eyebrows look like, it can often feel as though you either have too much or too little of them.

Plus, having someone else handle your brows–waxing, threading, etc.–has a few pitfalls. It can be expensive, and it’s also hard to entrust another persont with the care and keeping of what you may view as the most vital component of your face. I say this based on personal experience–I hadn’t cried in years until the results of the latest United States election came out (I know), but I did get choked up when I got severely over-threaded a few days before my college graduation last year (again: I know). In fact, these pitfalls may be so great that you may be tempted to stop dealing with them altogether or take matters into your own hands. If the latter sounds like you, you’re likely to fall into some errors too. So, check out these mistakes you’re making when you pluck your eyebrows, should you choose to pluck them:

1. Using dull tweezers:


Check out a tweezer-sharpening tutorial here.

If you’ve had a pair of tweezers for over a year and you can’t seem to grasp your hair between the tweezers’ tongs, it might be time to invest in a new pair. Tweezers dull down and lose their grip after some time, so, if you’re holding onto one pair for two long, you might just be making things harder on yourself. If you want, you can extend your tweezers’ life by cleaning them with rubbing alcohol to stay sharp and fresh.


2. Using the wrong tweezers:


Revlon Expert Slant Tweezers, $4.95, Walmart

Obviously, if you’re in a pinch, any pair of tweezers will do the job just fine. But if you’re planning on plucking your eyebrows regularly, you need a pair that’s sharp and slanted. This way, you can easily grab little hairs and pull them out gently without having to yank so hard.


3. Plucking every day:


If you overplucked, try out this tutorial.

Try not to pluck every single day, okay? This can cause unnecessary irritation and inflammation to the skin. Plus, hair should be grown out to a noticeable length before you try to pluck it, since trying to yank out any basically-ungrown hairs could be painful.


4. Trying to make them totally even:


Your eyebrows–as you may have learned, as I did, from Abbi Jacobsen of Broad City–should be sisters, not twins. What this means is that you really don’t need to try and make your eyebrows totally identical, since each one has a slightly differing shape from the other. Plus, if you’re hyperfocused on making the brows symmetrical, chances are good that you’ll overpluck.


5. Plucking before you shower:


You should always be plucking your brows right when you get out of the shower, since this is when your skin is the softest and hair follicles most pliable. I’ve also found that plucking your eyebrows after a shower is significantly less painful, since you’re relaxed from the shower.


6. Plucking on your period:


You’re more susceptible to pain when you’re on your period, so try to hold off on any kind of hair removal (plucking, threading, sugaring, etc.) when it’s that time of the month. You won’t, like, die, if you pluck a few hairs here and there, but it will make your life significantly easier to schedule any hair removal sessions around your period.


7. Plucking above the brow:


Check out a guide on how to pluck here.

While it might seem tempting to attack whatever growth you’ve got going on above your eyebrows, this is actually something that’s best left to a professional. This is because there tend to be fewer stray hairs up top, which make it easier for your brows to go from lush to sparse in a few plucks.


8. Plucking too much from the middle:


Plucking guide here.

When you pluck your eyebrows, you probably go straight for the hairs in between your eyebrows. (As someone who had a distinct unibrow from 1993-2015, I can relate.) You just want to make sure that you don’t do too much of this–you might create a gap that’s too big for your face.


9. Forcing an arch:


Learn how to find your arch here.

Everyone’s brows are unique, which means that you can’t try to shove another person’s arch onto your face.If you want to create an arch that’s right for you, find your brow’s highest point–usually about two-thirds inwards from the front of your brow–and pluck beneath this point.


10. Using a magnifying mirror:


See some more eyebrow tips here.

It might seem tempting to use one of those super-magnifying mirrors when you pluck your brows, since they show, like, every single one of your hairs. Don’t do this! Seeing hairs this up close makes it hard for you to gauge its placement, meaning that you could overpluck. Instead, try to stay an arm’s-length distance away from a (regular) mirror and use as much natural lighting as possible. This way, you’ll be able to see the hairs you actually want to remove, rather than lopping everything off all at once.

Do you pluck your eyebrows? Have you made any of these mistakes before? Let us know in the comments!

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