15 Of The Best Memes Of 2016 You Need To See Again

If there was one, and I mean just ONE, good thing about 2016, it would probably be the internet. I mean, at times it was awful, but there were some admittedly pretty good moments. We all screamed, cried, and stressed over the events of this year, but I think we can all mostly agree that social media made handling things a lot easier. Even when we wanted to just cry, we were able to connect with people over weird little images and jokes in memes that made things a little bit nicer. Sure, it sucked when an accused sexual assaulter was elected president, and yeah, it’s also super sad that so many influential people died. BUT if there is ever a time to laugh, it is now, at the end of this AWFUL year. Yes, you are allowed to use the internet in order to distract yourself from all of the truly bad things that are happening in the world. So, that’s where memes come in.

We all know what memes are, so I won’t go into detail describing them to you. What I am going to do is to show you the BEST memes of 2016 that you either forgot about, or just need to relive again. If you are anxious or nervous about 2017, remember that there will always be memes to get us through the tough stuff. I know it sounds silly, that’s because it is silly, but sometimes we need something a little silly to make us feel slightly better about the world. So, take a look at the best and most relatable memes of 2016: 

1.Evil Kermit:

This meme was so relatable it was disgusting. Why do we all love being self-destructive? IDK, but this meme truly exposed us all for being secretly evil.


2. Gavin:

A true wholesome meme of a kid who perfectly sums us all up. He has a reaction face for every situation and TBH, it’s great.


3. Mr. Krabs:

Definitely one of the most iconic memes of 2016. It perfectly captures the anxiety and confusion in one single shot. Amazing.


4. Tag Yourself Memes:

This was fun because of how accurate all of these were? There were literally hundreds of variations on this meme, and for some reason they all just made so much sense. PS: tag yourself. I’m Birthday Bear.


5. Get A Man Who Can Do Both:

I had almost forgotten about this meme, until I remembered how funny they actually were back in the beginning of the year. It basically sums up how important it is to find someone who is diverse, but it ended up being a collection of hilarious memes, like this one of Leo DiCaprio which proves he is loved by the Academy AND Nickelodeon. And me.


6. Roses Are Red Meme:

Who knew rhyming would be so big in 2016? These memes are still going pretty strong, IMO, and they just keep getting better and better.


7. Caveman Spongebob:

Do I really need to explain this one? Caveman Spongebob took the world by storm, perfectly exemplifying what it’s like to be frazzled in any unexpected situation. A little bit like the Mr. Krabs meme, but more “primitive.”


8. Name A More Iconic Duo:

Sure, Kendall and Kylie are ~iconic~ but I don’t know why somebody thought they were the most iconic duo of all time. Like, haven’t they ever heard of these classic underwater superheroes?


9. Kim Kardashian Dropping Hints Meme:


A perfect meme to sum up just how not subtle any of us really are.


10. DAT BOI:

It will be impossible to look back on 2016 and NOT think about Dat Boi. He will go down in history textbooks. Or physics textbooks, I guess.


11. Honey Bun Baby Meme:

Honestly, the purest of memes.


12. Beginning Of 2016 Vs Now Meme:

We’ve all aged at least 84 years over the course of 2016, right? I mean, that’s what it feels like. 


13. Drake Looking At His Phone:

So many of this year’s memes have to do with anxiety about doing things, like reading texts, and I can RELATE.


14. Biden And Obama Memes:

I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow these Joe Biden memes said exactly what we were all thinking after the election.


15. Arthur Fist Memes:

Perhaps the most popular meme of the year, the Arthur fist meme gave everyone a place to successfully channel their anger. And, as we all know, 2016 made a lot of people angry. Let’s hope for a better 2017!!

What was your favorite meme of 2016?  Tell us in the comments!

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