7 Of The Most Unrealistic New Year’s Eve TV Moments

Overall, I’m pretty excited for this year to end because of how awful it truly was. I am ready for the new year, and New Year’s Eve for that matter. Unfortunately, as much as I wish it would be just like a TV show, New Year’s Eve never really is. The night is FILLED with a ton of unrealistic expectations. For me personally, I expect to be awake until one AM partying with my friends, but I know that definitely won’t be happening, since I am lazy AF and tired 24/7. I also expect Nick Jonas to walk into my house and kiss me at 12 AM, but that also will (probably) not happen. I mean, in a perfect world maybe it would. But, we clearly do not live in a perfect world, so we have to result to watching our perfect worlds be played by over-dramatic characters on TV.

I’m not saying that every show on television has to be the most realistic thing out there, but it would be great, for once, to see one realistic portrayal of New Year’s Eve. I mean, how many of us are REALLY going to be partying underground in a subway car? Hopefully none of you. But, it is fun to watch these ridiculous moments, so take a look at the most unrealistic TV New Year’s Eve moments that you will probably never experience:


What was the most unrealistic TV moment that we missed? Tell us in the comments!

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