12 Unexpected Things You Notice When You Kiss Someone

When you imagine your first kiss, you probably have a clear idea about how it’s going to go down in your head. In might involve romantic music, a gorgeous sunset, and a dude with abs that could crack a walnut. Or maybe you’re envisioning yourself cuddling up with someone on the sofa. However, you picture your first kiss, you probably don’t picture some of the actual details of the act itself.

You might have it figured out in your mind exactly what you’ll be wearing and how you’ll style your hair, but have you stopped for a second and thought about what the actual kiss will be like? What about what it will feel like? Yeah. When you’re locking lips with someone, there are a whole bunch of sensations and things happening. And I’m just strictly talking about what’s going on in the mouth zone. Nevermind all of the stuff that could be going on with your hands.

If you’re curious about what your first kiss will be like, I’m here to help fill you in on some of the random things you might notice during it and all of your other future makeout sessions. These are the unexpected things you notice when you’re locking lips with someone.

1. The color of their eyelashes.


I can’t keep my eyes closed a 100 percent of the time. Now I’m seeing these lashes, I can’t stop looking at them. They’re the prettiest combination of black and brown.


2. What the roof of your crush’s mouth feels like.


*Shudders* Is that really what the roof of a mouth feels like? How come mine doesn’t feel anything like that when I touch it with my tongue?


3. The inside of your crush’s nose.


How can I see all up in there? My head isn’t at that weird of an angle…or is it? I wonder if I keep looking if I can see bae’s brain.


4. How soft the other person’s face is.


Would it be weird to ask afterwards what type of moisturizer bae is using? I could run my hand along that soft cheek alllllllllll day.


5. The weird texture of the other person’s tongue.


Is that really what my tongue feels like? I never realized it’s so, erm, tongue-y. It’s a bit slimy and sort of bumpy, but it still feels really good.


6. How distracting your nose is.


Why do I have to have a nose? Can’t it just go away somewhere until I’m done with this kiss? Seriously, nose, beat it.


7.  The heat of your crush’s breath.


Dang. Is his/her breath normally all hot and fiery or am I the one doing it? I secretly hope it’s the second option.


8. The pain in your jaw. 


I didn’t realize that this would cause this much tension on my jaw. Perhaps I have it open too wide. If I close my mouth slightly, will I bite off bae’s tongue?


9. How much saliva you have in your mouth.


Note to self: Remember to swallow.


10. …And how much bae has in his/her mouth.


So this is what they mean by exchanging fluids…I guess in one way.


11. The curve and points of your crush’s teeth.


*Pray I do not cut my tongue and kill the mood* Ooooh, I think I just hit a molar.


12. What their pores look like super close up.


Wow, I’ve never seen anyone’s pores this close up except for mine when I’m picking my face three inches from the mirror. Would it be weird to compliment them?


What other surprising things have you noticed when kissing someone? Let us know in the comments!

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