16 Perfect Last Minute Gifts For Anyone You Can Order Online

Not to stress you out too much, but if you plan on buying gifts for your bae/BFF/fam online you need to do it soon. Like, today. Honestly, you need to do it right now. There are only a few days left to guarantee that you will actually get your gift before Christmas, and you don’t want to be “that one girl who didn’t bring her present.” I’ve been there! It’s not fun, it’s just awkward and weird. If you’ve been putting off your gift buying so long because you don’t know what to get, it’s okay! I have rounded up some gifts that (mostly) anyone will love.

If you need help buying a gift for your bae, you should check this guide out first. If you are at a loss for what to get the other people in your life (friends, family members, people you work with, etc.), check out the gifts below, and order them ASAP so that you get them in time to put them under the Christmas tree. I promise, they won’t be able to tell that you picked these out last minute! Even if you’re done with your holiday shopping, you might want to pick some of these gifts out for yourself. No shame in that! Here are the perfect last minute gifts that you can still order online without leaving your house:

1. Cozy ear muffs


Flannel Earmuffs, $30, Urban Outfitters

Have you noticed how COLD IT IS? Everybody needs earmuffs and you can get some super cute ones for anyone on your list.


2. A fun coloring book


Harry Potter Coloring Book, $15,99, Micheals

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and I think that adult coloring books are actually a pretty cool way to relax,  no matter how silly they sound.


3. Some weird socks


Pizza Party Socks, $11, Sock It To Me

Okay, I know that people really hate to give socks for Christmas but they are actually super helpful. You can get funny/cute ones that will make a statement and keep their feet warm.


4. A pretty water bottle


S’well Water Bottle, $35, Nordstrom

HYDRATION IS SO IMPORTANT, and a good water bottle is equally as important. Get them one that is useful and stylish!


5. A unique key chain


Zodiac Key Chain, $15, Urban Outfitters

You can pick from any zodiac sign for a SUPER unique gift. Signs are always super~in~. And so are keys, TBH.

6. A useful portable charger


Chubs Power Bank, $29.99, Nordstrom 

As someone who is always afraid of her phone dying, I can say with confidence that this is a perfect gift for anyone who has a phone. Plus, it’s cute AF, and can clip on to some keys.


7. Some wireless headphones



Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones, $199.95, Apple

Even though they are a little pricey, wireless headphones are actually pretty life-changing, and super convenient for anyone who is always on the go.


8. An e-gift card


E-Gift Card, $25-200, Amazon

The easiest and most last minute thing you can order is a gift card. Honestly, gift cards are genius gifts. The gift giver doesn’t have any pressure to buy something awesome, and the gift receiver can pick out anything. It’s a win-win.


9. A unique journal


Floral Journal, $14.95, Papyrus

Okay, so not everyone on your Xmas list will want a floral journal, but they have a ton of different types that I guarantee anyone will love.


10. A trendy baseball hat


Dad Cap, $20, Dolls Kill

Baseball hats are STILL IN. This one is called a dad hat, though I don’t know if your dad would like it, but any trendy girl would.


11. A cute panda mug


Panda Mug, $14.99, Urban Outfitters

I mean, it’s winter, it’s cold, we all could use a cup of hot chocolate. Or coffee, depending on the person.


12. A simple choker


Net Choker, $2.50, Asos

If you’re looking for a ~trendy~ gal gift, try a cute choker. You can get really cute ones for cheap, or even some matching ones for your BFF.

13. A classic watch

Grandad Watch, $31, ASOS

Watches are easy to give since they are pretty much one size fits all, so anyone you give it to will love it.


14. A pretty scarf

Adornment Scarf, $14.99, Modcloth

Get your bff/relative a cute scarf that will keep them looking stylish and cozy all winter long.


15. A CUTE AF phone case

Zero Gravity Phone Case, $30, NastyGal

If you know what type of phone somebody has, getting them a phone case is a great idea, since most of us like to switch up our look every few months, right? This one is SO cute, I might buy one tbh.


16. A soothing candle

Ginger Candle, $15.50, Asos

Candles are super cozy and ginger is a very soothing scent that will make anyone’s house feel relaxing AF.


Are you going to buy any of these gifts? Tell us in the comments!

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