27 Tumblr Posts That Describe You If You’re Over Everything And Ready For A New Year

There is no other time that is as perfect for a fresh start as the end of a calendar year. By the time December rolls around, everyone starts feeling completely over their life and the last eleven months, and we all begin planning how we can become *new and improved* people. It’s kind of an exciting time, because you feel like you get another chance to accomplish your goals and really make a necessary change. That feeling is nice, but then there’s the other side of you – the side that is beyond done with the past year and has officially given up. And that feeling is described perfectly in these very relatable Tumblr posts about being over everything.

Confused? I’ll give you an example, because I’m currently feeling this way. I have a chronic stomach condition and I know that I need to be eating healthier and exercising regularly in order to feel better… but I gave up on that a few weeks ago, and I can’t bring myself to start now. I keep thinking, “I should really do this” and then a tiny part of my brain is like, “Just start in January. New year, new you!” So I say eff it, eat the ice cream that I will regret later on, and wait around for my time to transform. Don’t judge me – you’ve done it, whether it was about staying healthy or doing more schoolwork or being nicer to your family members.

So, if you’re currently feeling done with everything in your life, I get it – and so do these Tumblr posts. They’ll make you laugh and remind you that your fresh start is much needed. Check out these funny posts about being over everything. I think we’re all in desperate need of 2017.

1. You, every week:



2. When you get really honest:



3. When you’re totally over motivational quotes:



4. This is the way this year has made all of us feel:



5. Their faces say it all:



6. You, making your resume:



7. When you can’t even come up with an encouraging comment:



8. You, 24/7:



9. Because you don’t actually feel like doing anything:



10. When you realize you’ve been in this mood a lot:



11. You don’t even care about relationships with people any more:



12. Your face when you’re just done.



13. You literally don’t give an eff anymore:



14. You’ve stopped coming up with excuses:



15. When the tiniest things make you furious:



16. When you accept the truth:



17. An actual painting of you:



18. No this is an actual photo of you:



19. When you’re lonely but you hate everyone:



20. Put this in your Instagram bio:



21. Or this one:



22. You can barely even fake it for your bae:



23. How you feel thinking about 2017:



24. This is what its come to:



25. Your reaction to everything:



26. This explains everything:



27. True!


Which one of these Tumblr posts is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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