10 Genius Gift Ideas For Your Long-Term Bae

What on Earth do you get someone you’ve already given dozens of gifts to? Just more of the same stuff in different colors? Long term relationship gift exhaustion is real. A ton of my friends have no idea what to give their long term bae for Christmas this year, even though they’re technically someone who knows them very, very well. I feel for you all, I honestly do, but to look on the bright side, at least you aren’t restricted by the newly-together or just-started-dating couples who are worried about spending too much or accidentally doing the most. Your person already knows you love them!

Instead, you get to focus on what they need, spend a lot of time and thought on this gift, and yeah, maybe spend more money. Who cares? You can gift bae something that isn’t just for fun, you can give them investment pieces: gifts that’ll stand the test of time and might have more of a heavy price tag. Oops. No one ever said love didn’t cost anything except J. Lo definitely said it. Honestly, it might not even feel like a big deal to give that much during the holiday season since you know your person’s got your back. The holidays are the season to be giving and of course, if you could, you’d give them an infinite amount of puppies and crisp 100 dollar bills, but alas, we aren’t Kanye West. These are 10 gifts you should give your long term bae this holiday season.

What are you getting your long term bae? Do you also have the hardest time finding the perfect gift? Let us know in the comments!

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