14 Awesome Christmas Presents You Can Get For Under $5

I am not calling you a cheapskate here–I would never–but I am pretty sure that, if the opportunity presented itself, you would love to give the people in your life some gifts that are cheap. Preferably very cheap. Like, under five dollars.

“What?” I am sure you are saying. “That’s impossible. I’ve looked everywhere for those kinds of gifts, and they don’t even exist. Shut up.”

But no. It is you who should shut up, for it is entirely possible to give your friends and some totally acceptable–cool, even–christmas gifts that are under five dollars. You just have to know where to look. Fortunately for you, I do know where to look, and I happened to round up the very best sub-five dollar gifts for you. Check them out here:

1. This cute makeup bag:


Blending is very

Blending Is My Cardio Canvas Bag, $1, Miss A Cosmetics


2. Girl Gang patch:


The perfect feminist accent for any jacket, backpack, or purse.

Girl Gang Patch, $3.91, Etsy


3. A honeybee patch:


So that you may rep either Beyonce or the rapidly dying-out bee population.

Honeybee patch, $1.99, Etsy


4. Ice cream cone earrings:


I mean. Who wouldn’t want these?

Ice Cream Cone earrings, $1, Etsy


5. Ice cream sticker:


In other ice cream news, this is a great, super cute sticker that you can put right on your laptop to let everyone know what you really want.

Kawaii Li’l Vanilla Ice Cream Sticker, $.78, Etsy


6. Lip scrub:


Lip scrub is one of those things you don’t really know you need until you use it–this one is super cheap, but it sloughs off dead skin cells and dryness easily, leaving your lips skily-smooth and moisturized.

Beauty Treats Lip Scrub, $1, Miss A Cosmetics


7. Lush bath bomb:


You can get Lush on a budget–try this vanilla-scented Butterball bath bomb that’ll make you relaxed and super soft.

ButterballBath Bomb, $4.95, Lush


8. Laughing coin purse:


It’s not laughing at you. It’s laughing with you.

Silicone SmileyFace Coin Purse, $1, Miss A Cosmetics


9. Popsicle earrings:

Good enough to eat, right?

Ice Lolly Silver Stud Earrings, $1.20, Etsy


10. Spa headband:


This super cute headband, which helps push hair out of your face when you’re washing it or doing a mask, is useful but not totally necessary–which, of course, are the cornerstones of a good gift.

Missha Spa Headband, $5, Urban Outfitters


11. “Dope” patch:


For your very dopest friend (or for you, if you consider yourself your very dopest friend.

Dope Patch, $4, Etsy


12. Sheet mask:


There is no gift quite like that of great skin–help everyone in your life attain that this year with some sheet masks.

Tonymoly Seaweeds Sheet Mask,$3, Urban Outfitters


13. Space cats sticker pack:space-cat-sticker

These are just so cute, right? Don’t you just want to put them everywhere?

Space Cat Sticker Pack, $3.91, Etsy


14. (Temporary) knuckle tattoos:


These are fake, but convincing enough to convince your mom that they’re totally real and give her a good scare.

Tattly Individual Temporary Tatto, $5, Urban Outfiters



What do you think of these gifts? Would you get any of them? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.


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