15 Unique Gifts All True Book Lovers Need To Ask For

If you’re someone who loves books, asking for gifts for the holidays is a no-brainer. You want the best books of the year, right? Well, the ones you don’t already own or have read. Cool, but the thing is, you already have so many books that asking for more might be a little ambitious and kind of pointless. Shouldn’t you ask for, I don’t know, something more practical? I don’t want to be the bad guy here, I just want you to get presents you need! It might be time to hold off on asking for more novels to expand your collection and try another option. But don’t worry, there are still some super cute and unique gifts to ask for if you’re a huge book nerd. 

Aside from books, there are a ton of reading accessories that any avid reader needs. Sure, you’ve got your favorites to read, but do you have a bookmark? A cute pin to show off your love of reading? A cozy pillow to use while you’re in the middle of one of your reading marathons? If you don’t have all of these things, don’t panic. There are a ton of things every bookworm needs, and I’ve gathered them all up (well, almost all of them). Here are some of the most unique gifts that are perfect for any book lover:

1. Some unique book pencils:


Harry Potter Pencils, $10, BouncingBallCreations

In case you’re a fan of writing in your books (with pencil, OF COURSE) these are perfect.


2. A pretty book bag: 


Paper Crane Book Bag, $55, Nylon Shop

You’re going to need a way to lug all of your books around, right? This bag covered in colorful paper airplanes is so cute and different.


3. A personal library kit:


Library Kit, $15, House 8810

Okay I’m not going to lie, I used to have one of these and every time I got a new book and put a little library sticker in it, it made my entire day. It’s also a really good way to keep track of the books you lend to others.


4.  Cute book enamel pins:


Love Books Pin, $16, SweetAndLovely 

Honestly, these are ADORABLE. Perfect for any girl who wants to show off her love of reading.


5. Some yummy smelling book soap:


Book Soap, $7, Tea Soap Books

Sure this is like…a  little weird. But the packaging is super cute!


6. A book charm bracelet:


Book Charm, $18, Alex And Ani

This is so simple and classy, I guarantee none of your friends will have this adorable little book charm.


7. A cozy backrest pillow:


Back Rest Pillow, $24.99, Bed Bath And Beyond

You definitely want to be comfy AF when you’re in your reading zone, so getting a soft and cozy back rest pillow is perfect for anyone who loves sleeping. Or napping. Up to you.


8. A mug with the truest statement:


Book lover mug, $13.37, Home Decor Drawing

What’s better than snuggling up with a book and some tea? Nothing. Literally, nothing.


9. Some string lights:


Firefly Lights, $28, Urban Outfitters

I know that these don’t have anything to do with books, but just think about how cozy your reading nook will be with some string lights? You’ll want to sit and read forever!


10. A cute book phone case:


Custom iPhone Case, $25 (includes a case and two designs), Swaponz

Show off your love of reading by wearing it on your case! I actually customized this one myself, but you can upload any picture you want to this website and they will make the phone design for you! It’s super easy and cute.


11. A personalized notebook:


Personalized Notebook, $11.50, HappyDappyBits

Readers also love to write, right? Ha, see what I did there? Even if you’re not into writing, a journal is a perfect place to write down all of the books you’re going to read in 2017.

12.  A pretty case for your eReader:


Nook Glow Case, $9.99, Amazon

Not all book lovers have to stick to traditional books. If you have an eReader, get a patterned case for it that will show off your personality.

13. A library-scented candle set:


Library Collection, $20.00, Amazon

Okay, this is a little weird, but I’m kind of into the idea of a library scented candle. After all, books have such a specific and nostalgic smell, right? You might as well get it in candle form!

14. An adorable cat bookmark:


Cat Bookmark, $3.26, MomokoHandmadeShop

You need to save your spot in your book somehow, so you might as well use these cute AF kittens!


15.  A pair of statement earrings:


More Books Earrings, $16, Michelle Mach

Read more, sleep less. That about sums it all up, am I right?


Are you going to ask for any of these gifts this year? Tell us in the comments!

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