16 Times Twitter Shouldn’t Have Been Free In 2016

Twitter shouldn’t be free. But you know this already, of course–if you are a user of the website, you’ll know that this is where some of the best memes arise, as well as some of the best 140-character jokes in human existence.

It is also the place where the best of examples of “savagery” and pettiness (for lack of better terms) occur, since many times, people tend to forget that the other people on the website are, well, people. This isn’t always good, obviously–the alt-right’s ascension to prominence was definitely aided by this phenomenon, which has resulted in some genuinely horrific trolling–but sometimes it results in a three or four-tweet conversation that never could have happened in real life. In fact, these human (subhuman, perhaps) interactions are so great that they may very well be worthy of some sort of payment. Don’t believe me? Check out these times that Twitter really should have started charging a small monthly membership fee for its invaluable services:

1. This stunning display of optimism in the face of tragedy:




2. This candid confession from Kylie Jenner:





4. Uh. This too:


5. This kind of entertainment can be painful, too::


6. I mean:


7. How much would you pay for this?


8. (Probably nothing, I know. But still!)


9. Like….


10. I’m crying:


11. Twitter IS good:


12. TOO good:


13. It allows one to make fun of Facebook-partial family members with little consequences, after all:


14. I just……


15. Anyway, Twitter could charge a hefty fee if it wanted to. Kermit would get a percentage, obviously:


16. But not really, obviously:

Do you agree that Twitter really shouldn’t be free? Which of these tweets is your fave? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.


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