9 Secondary Couples That Were More Interesting Than The Main Couple

Is there anything worse than loving a TV show, movie, or book, but finding the primary couple annoying, boring, or less interesting than the secondary couple? Okay, yes, there are worse things, like war, poverty, global warming, and those video challenges of people trying to curl their hair with tampons…but this is certainly up there. Usually, there isn’t some sort of easy fix: The primary couple typically consists of the main character, and to have a side character’s romance as the primary romance of a story is pretty damn rare unless we’re talking about Harry Potter. We can safely say that Ron/Hermione felt more like the main pairing in the series than Harry/Ginny did, right?

But for the most part, we’re stuck with this scenario: Whoever the main character boos up with (or tries to boo up with), they’ll get the most screen time. But that’s so disappointing when a secondary couple gets less love and proves itself to be a lot more fun to watch than any romantic shenanigans that the main character gets into. Some of your favorite fictional pairings might, in fact, be one of these nine secondary couples that deserved a lot more love.

Shawn And Angela From 'Boy Meets World'

No hate to Corey and Topanga, okay? Those two are cute, and without them there wouldn't be the awesome Girl Meets World spinoff. But let's be real for a second: Angela and Shawn were always a lot more interesting to watch, even though they were largely a background couple during their relationship. Shawn was troubled, Angela kept it real, and they were just...cool in a way that Corey and Topanga weren't. They weren't cheesy like Corey and Topanga tended to be.

Rich and Grace From 'Skins'

Skins has a love triangle problem, and by that I mean...they always create love triangles that are terrible, cringe worthy, and cliche AF. And while they do that, they neglect pairings that are actually fun to watch and have so much potential for more than just a couple of plot lines before being relegated to a background pairing. That pretty much sums up Rich and Grace of generation three of Skins. Yes, there were episodes dedicated to their relationship--all the ups and the downs--but compared to the Matty/Liv/Mini/Nick love square, there was no way that this metalhead and ballerina pairing stood a chance beyond a few dedicated episodes and some cute background action.

The way that Skins treated this pairing in season six is particularly egregious, but I won't reveal any spoilers. You'll have to watch and rage for yourself.

Tai And Travis From 'Clueless'

Yes, we're meant to be swept away by Cher's quest for love, and Dionne and Murray's relationship is there for pure comic relief. But did anyone else wish that we got to see a little more of Tai and Travis? They had killer chemistry from the jump, a total grunge couple made in heaven. Less girls hooking up with their ex-step-brothers, more weird girls hooking up with slacker skaters, please!

Phoebe And Gerald From 'Hey Arnold'

Yo, Phoebe and Gerald were always vibing in the background! Stealing glances, dancing together, other general cuteness that would have been awesome if it was explored in some sort of Hey Arnold spinoff (which almost happened, by the way). Like, we all love Arnold and Helga--the thirstiest pre-teen alive--but damn, these two were cute and chill, the perfect examples of the sidekicks falling for each other.

Monica And Chandler From 'Friends'

If you didn't get sick of Ross and Rachel early on, damn, you are a serious trooper because Ross and Rachel became so effing insufferable. Like, Friends would have been better if they replaced even a fraction of the never ending Ross and Rachel ~will they or won't they~ saga with Monica and Chandler being goofy.

Seth And Summer From 'The OC'

While The OC definitely never ignored Seth and Summer--one of the ultimate opposites attract couples--their plot lines were often relegated to subplot territory. Our primary focus was meant to be on Bad Boy With A Heart Of Gold™, Ryan, and Sad Rich Girl Who Just Needs A Hug And Some Therapy™, Marissa. I mean, don't get me wrong, Ryan and Marissa made for some seriously juicy drama, but the drama got a little too OTT most of the time. Seth and Summer, on the other hand, were just straight up fun to watch unfold because there was so much unresolved sexual tension before they finally got together. Sure, their relationship largely came across as the comic relief couple, but in a show that was basically a primetime soap opera, that comic relief was a life saver.

Jodie And Mack From 'Daria'

Jodie and Mack are the token black characters from Daria, and while they don't get a ton of screen time, they always own the scene whenever they do. Plus, it was pretty cool to see a healthy teen couple that went steady for the show's duration; they exist! But seriously, Daria really should have given us a little more Jodie and Mack scenes. They were clever, funny, and loving, which is pretty damn refreshing TBH.

Naomi And Emily From 'Skins'

Naomi and Emily became one of the most beloved pairings of the second generation of Skins. But while they certainly got a fair amount of screen time, it was usually dwarfed by the never ending love-triangle-from-Hell that was Cook/Effy/Freddie. A relationship between two teen girls is going to be more interesting and complex than yet another over the top, hetero love triangle any day, especially since that representation is still lacking in our media.

Personally, even as someone who wasn't a massive fan of the way that the Emily/Naomi developed, it was leaps and bounds better than any of the other pairings seasons three and four of Skins offered.

Rizzo And Kenickie From 'Grease'

Grease doesn't so a great job of proving to the audience that Danny and Sandy should be together. Danny comes across as a f**kboy who is all about keeping up his too-cool-for-life-look-at-my-leather-jacket-y'all facade, Sandy decides that changing her cookie cutter persona to be a catsuit wearing baddie to get with the aforementioned f**kboy, and we're supposed to swoon? Nah. I can't be the only one who was more intrigued by the messy AF relationship between Rizzo and Kenickie. There was jealousy, snark, out of control hormones, and actual compatibility. And a pregnancy scare on top of all of that? Man, we deserve a Rizzo musical.

What other secondary couples should be on this list? Tell us in the comments.

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