The 13 Most Sexist Moments Of 2016

2016 was a lot of things: sad, legitimately scary, and pretty weird.  A lot of things about the year bothered me, and many other people, but one of the worst things about 2016 was how blatantly sexist the world was. First of all, we elected an accused sexual assaulter for president, which just makes me so upset and angry because that means SO many people could excuse his dangerous behavior. We also had what was probably the most sexist Olympic game coverage of all time. Honestly, the amount of sexism we saw in 2016 is upsetting AF.

I think it’s important to realize when the world is being awful and sexist so that we can educate each other on why this behavior is dangerous. If something is sexist and we don’t do anything about it, the world will continue to believe that this behavior is acceptable, even when it 100 percent is not. The fact that a rapist was released from jail after only three months just shows how poorly women are treated in this country. I know this is all heavy stuff, but we all need to be aware of what is going on in the world so that we can make it better. Take a look at the most sexist moments of the year, and hope that we can learn from them for 2017.

1. When Trump said woman should be punished for abortions:

LOVE when men tell woman with to do with their own bodies, am I right??! Ugh.

2. When Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman”:

Again, further proof that Donald Trump is sexist AF. A woman is “nasty” because she is a politician?

3. Basically, when Donald Trump said anything about women:

2016 was awful, and this was definitely one of the worst moments of the year. Honestly, this was one of the worst moments of the decade.

4. When Hungarian swimmer Katinka Hosszu broke an Olympic record…and NBC gave credit to her husband:


5. …aaaaand when The Chicago Tribune said the same thing about Corey Codgell:

Seriously, when are people going to stop giving men credit for stuff women do.

6. Basically, the Olympics as a whole:

Ah, yes, who cares about sports when you’ve got awesome nails.

7. When Disney decided not to make Rey toys because girls don’t play with action figures, apparently:

I, for one, really wanted a Rey action figure and never got one.

8. When the world FLIPPED out over a Ghostbusters reboot featuring *gasp* ALL WOMEN!

I didn’t think that men would be SO ANGRY about this movie, but they WERE.

9. When the internet slut-shamed Taylor Swift for dating two guys within two weeks of each other:

What’s worse is that most of the people slut-shamming Taylor were actually women.

10. When Calvin Klein essentially said girls are only good for seducing people, while men make money:

Women were constantly being objectified in 2016. When will it end?

11. And when this Super Bowl commercial implied that girls are just owned by their fathers:

This is….gross.

12. When Brock Turner was in jail for only 3 months after sexually assaulting a girl:

And like, his judge just let it happen. When will rapists actually get sentences they deserve?

13. And finally, this:

I have no words. Here’s to hoping 2017 is better.


What sexist moments of 2016 did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

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