The 18 Weirdest Things That Happened In 2016

This year  was a roller coaster of emotions. There was some scary stuff, a LOT of bad stuff and some stupid stuff. But, among all of the scary and bad stuff, there was a ton of stuff that was just plain weird. Like, beyond weird. I don’t know how you define the word, but I personally think weird things are just things that are totally unexpected and out of the ordinary, like when your ex boyfriend likes your Facebook status, or like when Justin Bieber abruptly quits Instagram after posting 10,000 photos of his new girlfriend. All in all, I would say that 2016 was definitely the weirdest year of my life, and I’m sure you probably agree.

Not all weird things are bad, but when things come out of nowhere, we get a little confused. The whole Drake and Rihanna situation? There really is no way to describe it other than weird and confusing.  If you can’t remember all of the weird things that happened this year but want to relive them, don’t worry, because I have found all of the strangest things that happened this year so you can experience the weirdness one more time. Ready? Check out all the moments that prove that 2016 was the weirdest year of all time: 

1.  Justin Bieber said Instagram was for the devil:

2016 is also the year that Justin Bieber started acting even weirder than usual and started oversharing everything on social media, and then deleted his accounts completely. Like….what?



2.  Drake declared his love for Rihanna onstage at the VMA’s:

Like, you could have waited until after the show to do that, right, Drake??? Why did you do this in public? Why did you try to steal her moment and make it about you?? Weird.

3. The 2016 election, in general:

The whole election was messy and the outcome was unfortunate, as Donald Trump was elected, despite losing the popular vote. This just means that 2017 is just going to get weirder, I think.


4. The Full House reboot happened that nobody really asked for, but got anyway:

The reboot idea wasn’t strange, since that’s all Hollywood does now, but the show itself? Uh, not good. Not good at all.

5. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got divorced, proving that love isn’t real:

WHY? The split seemed to come out of NOWHERE and the whole world was shocked.


6. Kanye West just got… weird:

I’m happy Kanye West is getting help now, but before he was getting treatment, he went on some pretty wild and weird rants that freaked everybody out. He even stormed out of a concert AND dissed Beyonce. WTF?


7. There was literally a movie about food having sex:

Why. Just, why.


8. Beyonce released a country song:

Listen, I love Bey with all of my heart but this was just… out of character.

9. The whole Bee Movie obsession

I don’t know how or WHY people became obsessed with this movie, but in 2016 the entire world went nuts over Bee Movie and suddenly the internet was filled with the weirdest memes of all time, like these slowed down versions of the Bee Movie trailer.

10. Vine was killed

I don’t think ANYBODY saw this one coming, but in October, Vine announced that they were no longer going to be a thing. It was totally unexpected and strange, considering how much everybody loved Vine but, alas, it will be gone forever in 2017.


11. The whole…Chewbacca Mom thing

I don’t know why this video went SO viral but…it did.

12. Ted Cruz was outed as the Zodiac Killer

Okay, he wasn’t ACTUALLY the Zodiac Killer but the fact that so many people thought he was was WILD.


13. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston did….whatever this was.


Do I really need to go into this?

15. Marina Joyce being “held hostage”

I mean, she turned out to be fine, or so we think, but still. the whole thing was super strange.


He lied about getting mugged and then tried to cover it up in the weirdest way possible. WTF?

17. The mannequin head things?

I don’t even…..I don’t know.

18. Shia LeBouf’s quest for life…or something

Shia asked fans to meet him and take him anywhere and TBH, I’m surprised he didn’t get kidnapped?

What was the weirdest thing to happen in 2016 in your opinion? Tell us in the comments!

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