7 Foolproof Ways To Be The Fun Friend Everyone Wants To Hang Out With

We all have that one friend in our group who everyone considers the “fun friend.” You know who I’m talking about – the friend  who seems to get along with everyone, the one who is down to do pretty much anything, the girl who makes everything more exciting. She’s the friend who gets invited to every hangout, and everyone misses her when she’s not around. They always look like they’re having the best time on their Snapchat story and everyone wants to be their bestie. Well, that friend is not me. I’m more of the ~go with the flow~ friend, which is pretty cool and all, but tbh, sometimes I wish I was considered the fun friend.

Deep down, I know that we’re all different people with different personalities, and some people are just naturally more outgoing and adventurous. But at the same time, I know that people aren’t always born as the fun friend – it can take time to get that way. If you, like me, are not considered the fun friend, don’t stress. There are a few things you can do that will help you act like more of a people person. Honestly, though, don’t overthink it. If everyone were the fun friend, things would get exhausting, fast. Part of the beauty of a friend group is having different personalities mix together and balance each other out. And even though our society makes things easier for extroverts, being more quiet is totally fine! Now that I’ve said my piece, here are a few simple tips on how to be the fun friend of your group in case you really want to know:

Are you the fun friend? Are you going to try any of these tips? Tell us in the comments!

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