10 Liquid Lipstick Mistakes You Didn’t Know You’re Making

I don’t really have good anything to say on the subject of liquid lipstick right now. This is not because I don’t like it (more on that in a second) or because I am so good at it (also more on that in a bit), but rather because it was never really something I felt I could really delve into until recently. Like, I knew about the Kylie Lip Kit liquid lipstick phenomenon–though, really, who doesn’t?–and knew that liquid lipstick is the surest way to get a definitively cool, pigmented, super-matte lip.

But I think it is a general consensus that anything that looks cool, cosmetically, like winged liner and contouring is, as a rule, pretty hard to actually do. Liquid lipstick is no exception–it looks great when it’s done well,but since the nature of the product is to call attention to itself, is pretty noticeable when done poorly. Fortunately, it doesn’t actually have to be that hard. In fact, you’re probably just making harder for yourself. So, check out these mistakes everyone makes with liquid lipstick and how to fix them:

1.You’re applying too many layers:


Buxom Wildly Whipped Liquid Lipstick, $21, Sephora

You only need one layer of liquid lipstick. Really. Most brands weren’t designed to do anything more, so applying layer after layer will just make your lips look cakey and dried out.


2. You’re doing it in the wrong order:



Whenever you put on liquid lipstick, make sure you put it on your bottom lip first. This is a larger area, so it gives you a little more room for error when you’re applying at first. If you do the top lip first, you have a greater chance of getting an uneven texture.


3. You’re not exfoliating beforehand:



Exfoliating is always important before you put on lipstick. It’s especially vital for liquid lipstick, however, since most formulas tend to be pretty drying and can enhance any flakes and dry patches you might have. To prevent this, use a lip scrub. This will smooth off anything that could potentially catch on the lipstick.


4. You’re not using lip balm:



In addition to exfoliating, you need to be hydrating your lips, too–exfoliation isn’t going to do much good if you don’t do anything to replenish your lips. So, after you exfoliate, just rub any lip balm of your choice over your lips. You can also prevent lip flakiness by hydrating your overall body and drinking lots of water.


5. You’re putting on too much lip balm:



Sorry. But it is important to make sure you don’t totally glob on, like, a whole thing of Carmex right before you put on liquid lipstick, since doing this can make the liquid lipstick slide off instead of really adhering to your lips. If you can, try to put on some balm right before you put on the rest of your makeup, so by the time you get to your lipstick, your lips will be hydrated but not actively, like, moist.


6. You’re not using lip liner:


You don’t *have* to do this (you don’t have to do anything, really) but your liquid lipstick experience will be greatly improved by the presence of a good lip liner. If you use one in a complementary shade, this can help you create definition and enhance your lip shape, as well acting as a barrier to help prevent feathering and smearing around the mouth.


7. You’re wearing your liner the wrong way:



Very few people would fault you for not knowing the exact right way to apply lip liner–after all, it’s not something that comes to most people instinctually. But you can learn! So, instead of tracing the edges of your mouth with the pencil, create a softer ombre effect like the one you see here. This gives you the benefits of lip liner without necessarily letting anyone know that you’re wearing liner.


8. You’re rubbing your lips together:


When you put on lipstick, it can be tempting to rub your lips together to make you feel like it’s setting or getting absorbed, or something. But this is actually something that a lot of makeup artists recommend that you don’t do, as this can interrupt the drying process and create a streaky, flaky look that you definitely don’t want. The formula dries quickly, so there’s really no reason to rub your lips together,  anyway.

9. You’re layering different products:



Remember rule #1? Yeah. Lip liner is definitely your friend, but putting more than one layer of liquid lipstick on your lips, let alone two diffrerent kinds of liquid lipstick, will only cause you pain. (Not to be hyperbolic.) Just stick to the one!


10. You’re setting with a gloss:



If you want bold color and shiny lips, things might be a little tough for you–gloss tends to be a little oily, so it could make your lipstick feather. The easiest way to prevent this just to not wear gloss with liquid lipstick–those formulas are matte for a reason, after all. If you must wear gloss, however, you can try putting foundation around your lips to help it set and giving the lipstick and gloss something to “stick” to.

Do you wear blush? Do you have any tips for wearing it? Let us know in the comments!

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