16 Presents You Need This Year If You’re Single

It is no secret that the holiday season is always a little fraught, emotionally, when it comes to human interactions and relationships. The messaging for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice/Festivus/etc. is, as most things are, centered around spending money, specifically on those you are supposed to love. This focuses on things like family and parents, a little bit, but mostly just entails a romantic sort of love.

Gifts for boyfriends and gifts for girlfriends are great. They deserve presents! But if you’re single–even if you’re secure in being single, and your singless is something you’ve never really given a second thought to before–it can make you feel as though your relationship status is somehow indicative of a personal failing or insufficiency within. This, however, is an easy fix–all you need to do is find some gifts that are specifically for single people. Which, coincidentally, I have done right here.

Now, I feel like I should say that this is not so much a “single girl” gift guide as it is, like, a “human girl” gift guide, since your being in a relationship should not actually cause such a grave impact to your interests and desires that they change completely and force you to look at a gift guide for “girls who are totally in a relationship, so don’t even ask,” as that is the only one that would suit you. But, still, there are some great potential holiday gifts available for you (or others!) to purchase, that you may just so happen to enjoy just a smidge more if you are single. But don’t just take my word for it. Anyway, check out these presents you need this year if you’re single:

1.All The Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister:


A book about you! (No, really, this is a great book that everyone should read, whether you’re single or not.)

All The Single Ladies, $16.87, Amazon


2. This “BFF” pin:


Truly haunting, but it’ll remind you that all you need is your BFF.

BFF pin, $8, Nylon Store


3. A nameplate necklace:


In honor of the most iconic single lady. (You can get your own name. Or not! Up to you.)

Nameplate necklace, $60, Zales


4. Cat lady mug:cat-lady-mug

Hey–speak your truth.

Cat lady mug, $12.92, Etsy


5. Dog lady mug:crazy-dog-lady

Or, perhaps this is your truth?

Crazy dog lady mug, $16, Etsy


6. This optimistic mug:fictional-men-mug

Single people love mugs!

Mug, $12.99, Etsy


7. A charming necklace:


Because maybe…you want…to be…left alone.

Necklace, $40, In God We Trust NYC


8. An inspirational card:


Only the truth, TBH.

Card, $4, Etsy


9. This mug that’s only for true Hamilton-heads:hamilton-single-mug

Maybe you’re just waiting for someone who loves the musical as much as you do.

Mug, $14.99, Etsy


10. This BFF bracelet:homegirls

Are you “home?” Or are you “girls?” Only time will tell!

Home girls bracelet, $32, Nylon Store


11. Love Bites fork:


It does.

Love Bites Fork, $15.95, Etsy


12. Tea spoon:

A good daily affirmation.

Keep Calm And Make Tea Spoon, $15.95, Etsy


13. A tank top that tells it like it is:


No shame there!

Single Life Chose Me Muscle Tank, $34, Nylon Store


14. This mug that’s probably good for throwing at people:


Never forget that single people LOVE mugs.

Mug, $15.59, Etsy


15. Swing Time by Zadie Smith:


A great book that really makes u think, and not about relationships.

Swing Time, $16.20, Amazon


16. Pizza necklace:


Because pizza…is…bae.

BFF Pizza Necklace, $30, Nylon Store


What do you think of these presents? Are you going to get any of them? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.


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