15 Awesome BFF Gifts That Aren’t Corny AF

When it comes to gift giving during the holiday season, buying a gift for a close friend is, by far, the easiest thing to do. Buying gifts for romantic partners can be stressful, especially early on in a relationship because your gift might just prove how well you really know them. When it comes to your parents, you know they’re not going to really care what you give ’em, but you still want to make sure they’ll actually use your gift; it’s so awkward to realize that your mom never wears that necklace you gave her, or that the cologne you bought your dad is still in the package. But your best friend? You two probably have so much in common and you know their likes and dislikes so intimately that you have a pretty good idea of what they’ll want.


So you can give your BFF a patch that will look killer on their denim jacket, or a vinyl album to add to their new collection, or even some sheet masks that you loved and know they will too. Those are all great ideas. But have you considered going down the super earnest route of giving your BFF that is BFF related? You know, like those “best friends” necklaces that were really cool when you were a little kid, but feel a little corny now. Well, luckily, BFF gifts don’t have to ooze cheese. Check out these 13 cool BFF gifts that you and your bestie will love. Hey, even if you don’t claim to have a BFF, any close friend will love to be a part of these cute gift sets.

1. Best Witches Necklace 

best witches bff necklace

If you and your best friend are kind of sort of obsessed with witchy stuff–the the point of wanting to be witches yourselves–this is the perfect necklace for you two. Get your crystals ready.

Buy it at Nylon Shop for $26.


2. BFF Pizza Pin

bff pizza pin

How boss is this? You and your best friend can rock each half of this pizza pin and it’ll look pretty casual instead of screaming OH MY GOD THIS IS A BFF PIN.

Buy it at Bando for $22.


3. Breast Friends Pin

Breast Friends Enamel Pin Got A Girl Crush

This clever, boob friendly pin makes for a quirky and unique gift. This is perfect to share with a friend with a bold approach to style…or a friend who is just super into boobs.

Buy it at Other Wild for $12.


4. Cher And Dionne Earring Set

cher and dionne BFFs earrings

Dionne and Cher from Clueless are one of the most iconic BFF duos of all time. Decide who is the Dionne and who is the Cher between you and your bestie and wear your respective earrings. Pair with a minimalist earring (stud, bar, etc), for a funky look that looks intentional.

Buy it at Etsy for $14.


5. Glossier Balm Dotcom Set Of Four 

glossier balm dotcom set of four

Glossier’s Balm Dotcom is a cult favorite for a reason, from the cute aesthetic to the lush texture and killer scents. Why not share the love by either splitting this set of four balms in half between you and your bestie, or keep one and give the remaining three to three close friends! Get all your besties shopping done in one swoop, while treating yourself at the same time.

Buy it at Glossier for $40.


6. BFF Matching Cactus Patches

best friends bff cactus patches

This is fresh take on matching BFF apparel! Whether you just love the way cacti look, or you and your bestie are actually super into plants, why not sew these on to your favorite denim jackets?

Buy them at Bando for $10.


7. Best Friends Tops

friends forever shirts

These minimalist BFF tops are cute without being nauseating. They’ll look great tucked into your favorite high waist jeans or skirts. Plus, they make for a killer Instagram pic.

Buy them at Etsy for $33.80.


8. Thelma And Louise Mugs

thelma and louise best friends bff mugs

Is your BFF the Thelma to your Louise? Or is she the Lousie to your Thelma? These mugs are a cute homage to the classic movie Thelma and Louise and it’s also, you know, actually functional.

Buy them at Etsy for $25.


9. BFF Planet Necklace

planet besties BFF necklace saturn

These bright and bold BFF necklaces would be a killer accent against an all black everything look. Maybe wear ’em on a day when you’re twinning.

Buy it at Nylon Shop for $26.


10. Burger N Fries BFF Pins

Valley Cruise Press X UO Burger And Fries Pin Set

Few things go better together than a burger and fries, right? If you and your bestie are just as inseparable, let the world know with these pins. You should each pin them to your favorite coats so you’ll spot each other rocking ’em more often than not.

Buy them at Urban Outfitters for $20.


11. Mulder And Scully Pin Set

mulder and scully pins

Attention all nerds: If you and your BFF are obsessed with sci-fi shows like The X-Files, then you guys NEED this pin set. Definitely a fun spin to the typical BFF pin set, right?

Buy them at Mulder and Scully for $10 each at Robin Eisenberg.


12. Best Babes Pins

best babes pin bff

Why just be best friends when you two can be best babes? Perfect for a pair of friends who spend half of your time complimenting how gorgeous y’all are. Sup, positivity?

Buy this at Bando for $19.


13. My Favorite Bestie Tees

Chelsea Peers My Favorite Bestie 2 Pack Night Tees

These loungewear tops would be prefect for a sleepover or a lazy day running the laziest of errands…with your BFF, of course. Throw on a pair of leggings and comfy shoes and you two are set.

Buy them at ASOS for $37.


14. Better Halves Pins

better halves bff lapel pins stay home club

Listen, who said a better half has to be a husband? Most of the time, our better half just so happens to be our best friend. Let the world know what the score is with these cute lapel pins.

Buy it at Stay Home Club for $12.


15. Ride Or Die Ring

ride or die ring

Okay, if you want to drop some serious coin, why not show your BFF love with matching “ride or die” rings? Hm, maybe whether or not they wear this ring will prove whether or not they’re really your ride or die in the first place. Use this ring as a BFF litmus test, LOL!

Buy it at Bando for $58.


What are you planning to buy for your BFF this year? Tell us in the comments.

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