15 Of The Worst Relationship Goals From 2016

If you are the kind of person who has spent a lot of time on the internet, there are a few things that I feel safe assuming about you right off the bat. Like, for example, you probably know a lot about memes. You might also know about and, what’s more, believe the odd paranoia-based conspiracy theory. And you’re likely to have a few expectations as to what a romantic relationship is supposed to be like, as following with current relationship goals tenets and practices.

If you are unfamiliar, relationship goals–according to the Gurl.com style guide that does not yet exist, but may someday if I ever get my act together and make one–is both a concept and a practice. It is something that happens when a relationship (almost always between a white, heterosexual, ostensibly wealthy, conventionally attractive couple) has been photographed enough and garnered suitable likes to be considered an objective “goal” towards which everyone on earth must bestriving to attend. You know, like this:

Matching tees ?❤️

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For what it’s worth, relationship goals posts did appear to have a lessened impact in 2016, if not in actual content provided, then certainly in overall reach and acceptance throughout society. I’m not sure what caused this–increased critical thinking skills on a societal level? The heart-wrenching, earth-shattering breakup of Jay and Alexis, the ultimate relationship goals couple?

Still, relationship goals posts are not done yet. And, uh, a lot of the ones that did get posted are…something to behold, to say the least. So, let’s check out the worst (but also, as you know, subsequently best) relationship goals posts from 2016:




2. THIS text:




3. No:

Cuteeee. Happy Friday!

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4. Stop this:


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5. What is happening here!!!


6. Literally NEVER do this:


Want. A. Pup ?

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8. Why don’t any Relationship Goals couples know how to kiss, anyway?


9. Like, you can’t tell me that any of these people have ever kissed another human:


10. Um:


11. The bear is dead. I’m sorry:

? for bae

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12. This seems exhausting:




14. Let’s chill out a little next year?


15. Or don’t! Up to you:


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What do you think of these relationship goals? Did I forget any good ones? Let us know in the comments!

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