The 7 Most Underrated Movies Of 2016 To Watch Now

I am a huuuuuge fan of every type of movie, and I often pride myself in seeing anything that is much anticipated. There is something really exciting about getting hyped for a movie months in advance and then counting down the days to see it. But every once in a while, I’ll come across some unknown movie that I had barely heard about, but I’ll watch it out of curiosity and become instantly hooked. Sometimes, those underrated movies become my favorite movies of the year. I don’t mean to sound too ~alternative~ but there is something pretty cool about finding a really good movie that went under the radar.

Sure, the big-budget and most popular movies of 2016, like Finding Dory and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, were truly awesome. But there were so many other movies out there that were just as awesome – they just didn’t get as much love. And, as we learned from Suicide Squad, a whole lot of promotion does not necessarily equal amazing movie, you know what I mean? There is nothing bad about loving the biggest movies of the year, but you should also give others a shot. There are so many films that came out that you probably haven’t even heard of, and some are really worth your time – so worth your time, in fact, that you might end up liking them more than the blockbusters. I promise you won’t regret it! Check out the most underrated movies of 2016 right now:

Sing Street

This movie follows a teen boy who starts at a new school and develops a crush on a girl, obviously. In order to impress her, he asks her to star in a music video for his non-existent band. She says yes, and he quickly brings together a group of outcasts to start a band with him. It's honestly hilarious, cute, and relatable for anyone who has ever gone to great lengths to impress a crush. And TBH, we all have, right? you can stream this one on Netflix.

The Edge Of Seventeen

By far my favorite movie of 2016, and one that EVERY girl should see, no matter how old she is. I idolize Hailee Steinfeld a lot, and she really did an amazing job with this movie, which focuses on 17-year-old Nadine as her best friend starts dating her brother. It's both hilarious, real AF, and a little sad. But isn't that what being 17 is like anyway? This movie is still in theaters in most places, so try and catch it if you can.

Yoga Hosers

Okay fair warning: this movie is WEIRD. It is also really funny and has a ton of A-lister cameos, like Johnny Depp and Tyler Posey. The premise is simple: two social media-obsessed teenage girls work as store clerks in a connivence store, and then some weird stuff happens that I don't really know how to describe. Basically, they use yoga to defeat the bad guys. It sounds strange, but it's worth the watch. You can watch this movie on Netflix.

10 Cloverfield Lane

HONESTLY, this movie had me on the edge of my seat the ENTIRE time, which, IMO, makes for a really good story. It had a lot of hype since it was supposedly taking place in the same universe as JJ Abrams' Cloverfield (hence the name) but it never got as popular as that one did. But, being completely honest, I liked this movie more than Cloverfield. It follows a woman who is taken hostage by a guy who claims he's saving her from a supernatural attack. It was gripping and unexpected and the ending will shock you. You need to see it, like, right now! You can stream this one on Amazon.

How To Be Single

I didn't expect a lot from this basic rom-com, but it actually surprised me. It stars Dakota Johnson as Alice, a college grad who takes a break from her long-term boyfriend in order to branch out more. She gets help from Rebel Wilson's character and, obviously, Rebel Wilson could star in anything and make it hilarious. This movie got a lot of promotion, but was also described as being terrible, which I don’t think is really fair. It didn't quite reach the success as other female-fronted comedies, but it's definitely worth a watch. You can stream this one on HBO Go.


When I first heard about this movie, I thought it was going to be a huge hit. I never really heard anyone else talk about it, so I totally forgot about it until it came out in theaters recently. For a movie with such an interesting premise, it didn't get a lot of buzz, which is unfortunate because it was amazing. It's an alien movie that is pretty different than any alien movie out there. It follows a linguistic specialist (AKA someone who studies languages) who tries to communicate with a group of aliens that arrived on Earth. Sounds cool, right? I recommend it to anyone who is into sci-fi/ alien movies. This movie is still in theaters in some places, so try and catch it if you can.

The Shallows

If you're into a more thriller/horror movie, I suggest the overlooked Blake Lively movie The Shallows. It follows a surfer who gets stranded in the ocean and is attacked by a shark. I would watch Blake Lively do anything because she is literally #LifeGoals, but watching her battle a shark is pretty bad ass to say the least. It's also scary enough to make me never want to set foot on a beach again. You can stream this one on Amazon.

Which of these underrated movies are you going to watch? Tell us in the comments!

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