22 Cell Phone Accessory Gifts That Will Make Your Life Better

Even though everyone is always complaining about how often people use and look at their cell phones, and how technology has ruined human interaction (a little dramatic), no one can say that cell phones haven’t changed our lives for the better. As someone who spent a good chunk of her teen years without a smartphone, I can tell you that life with one is so, so much easier. Just the basic features of a smartphone – like texting, being able to go online, and having a downloadable app for just about every purpose you could imagine – are good enough. But then there are all of the cell phone accessories out there that make things even better. These are the things you don’t absolutely need, but would definitely be helpful additions to your life, and they’re perfect to ask for as gifts.

I’m not just talking about portable chargers or cute cases – although some of those are in here too. There are cell phone accessories that help your room smell better, ones that are professional AF, and options that are going to make you an Instagram star. I’ve also included a wide price range, so whether you’re looking for something small or really big, there are options. Ask for these for yourself if you’re looking for Christmas gift wish list items, or buy some of these for your loved ones. They’ll definitely come in handy. Check out these awesome cell phone accessory gifts to make life even easier.

1. Earmuff Headphones 


The weather outside is cold AF right now, and likely will be for the next few months. Wearing earbuds or headphones with beanies and earmuffs can be a struggle, so why not combine two of them? These cozy earmuffs come with earbuds so that you can stay warm and listen to your favorite tunes.

Earmuff Headphones, $28, Free People


2. A Cord Holder


Phones come with cords, for earbuds, chargers, USB cords, or portable chargers. They get tangled up in your bag and can easily get lost or broken. Prevent that with a cord holder that keeps things neat. This little pineapple one is too cute.

Blushing Pineapple Earbud Holder, $20, Anthropologie


3. A Camera Extenstion


Guys, this has to be the coolest cell phone accessory I’ve ever seen. It’s a Moto Mod for Motorola Z phones, and it’s an actual Hasselblad camera. For those who don’t know, Hasselblad makes basically the best cameras in the world, and they are not cheap. $300, even for a cell phone extension, is a great price for one. I have this, and I can promise you it takes amazing photos and even makes your phone look like an actual digital camera. It’s not bulky and easy to use. If you love taking photos, you need this.

Motorola Mod Hasselblad True Zoom, $299.99, Motorola


4. A Small Bluetooth Speaker


Bluetooth speakers are literally everywhere, but I love this one for its size. It’s easy to carry around, because tbh, you never know when you’re going to need a speaker. And it’s really pretty!

BluCube Wireless Speaker, $50, Free People


5. A Selfie Stick Phone Case


Remember when selfie sticks came out and we all made fun of them, and then immediately realized they are actually awesome? Well, this phone case has a built-in selfie stick that you can use whenever you need to. It works on Bluetooth technology. This is super helpful and such a great idea.

Snapstyx iPhone 6/6s Case with Built-In Bluetooth Selfie Stick, $49, Nordstrom


6. A LuMee Case


I know that LuMee cases can seem corny as hell, but trust me – they’re awesome. If you love taking selfies, you need one. They really do give great lighting no matter where you are, and the back isn’t bad to look at either. Take advantage of the holidays to ask for one as a gift!

LuMee Lighted iPhone Case, $54.95 – $59.95, Nordstrom


7. Camera Lens


If you love taking photos with your phone, then you should definitely ask for a seperate lens to make your pictures look better. A lot of people don’t take advantage of the camera accessories you can use with a phone, making pictures look more professional and capturing more than what you can with just the phone camera. This set from PhotoJojo has everything you need – or you can ask for just one.

Magnetic iPhone and Android Lens Series, $99 for all five, $20 for one, PhotoJoJo


8. A Photo Printer


I love digital photography, and I love how my iPhone makes it so easy to capture everything I want. But what I don’t love is how I almost never get prints anymore. Even when I say I’m going to print out my photos, I don’t, and I know I’m not alone. This portable printer attaches to your phone and prints out small photos from there. It’s magical!

Prynt Smartphone Photo Printer, $150, Urban Outfitters


9. A Fuzzy Phone Charm


Do you ever do this thing where you stick your phone in your bag, then go to take it out for something important, and realize you have no clue where it is? I do this at least five times a day. This faux fur charm will help you find your phone and make it look adorable.

Faux Fur Phone Charm, $20, Free People


10. A Speaker Case


This is another Motorola Mod for Moto Z phones, and it’s just as cool as the other one. It’s a JBL speaker case that gives off amazing sound – like any “real” speaker that would cost a lot more money. It makes it so much easier to listen to your favorite music no matter where you are, it’s slim, and it looks cool.

Motorola Mod JBL Soundboost Speaker, $79.99, Motorola


11. A Fragrance Set


Okay, so this isn’t exactly a cell phone accessory, but it works with a phone, so it kind of counts! This Aera fragrance set uses pods of fragrance to make any house or room smell amazing. There are lots of different scent options, and you can adjust how the fragrance comes out depending on if you want it to be stronger or more subtle. The coolest thing about it is that you can control it with an app on your phone. So, if you’re out and you want your room to smell good when you come home, you can turn it on via the app. It’s amazing! Ask for it for yourself, or get it for someone special.

Aera Fragrance Device, $180, Aera


12. A Sassy Portable Charger


There are tons of portable chargers out there, but few of them are this cute and sassy. I mean, come on – who wouldn’t want to carry around something like this?

Boys Tears Portable Charger, $40, Valfre


13. Cord Keepers


These puzzle pieces make great little gifts. You can wrap your cords around it to keep them in place and not tangled up. There are lots of cord holders out there, but I think these are especially cute.

Puzzle Cord Keepers, $12, Anthropologie


14. A Charger Keychain


Tassle keychains are really cute, but this one is even better, because it includes a USB hub to charge your devices with it. 

Rebecca Minkoff Power Tassel Bag Charm, $55, Nordstrom


15. A Compact Charger


And just when you thought portable chargers couldn’t get any cuter, this one appears. It’s a compact mirror that also acts as a charging bank. Honestly, if someone doesn’t buy this for me, I might cry.

Hello Gorgeous Metallic Charging Compact Mirror, $20, Francesca’s


16. A Karaoke Setup


This might not be for everyone, but if you’re someone who loves karaoke, you’ll love this accessory. It turns your phone into a karaoke machine – perfect for parties!

iRig Karaoke Machine, $40, Urban Outfitters


17. A Portable Projector


This Motorola Mod is a phone case that doubles as a projector. Imagine showing people photos on your phone, but instead of having everyone grab it, scroll around, hover over the tiny screen, and potentially risk having them see something you don’t want them to see… you could project it onto a wall or screen and control it from there. Amazing!

Motorola Mod Moto Instant-Share Projector, $299.99, Motorola


18. A Cell Phone Stand


A phone holder is one of those things you don’t realize you need until you have one, and realize how great it can be. Set this up at your desk or on your nightstand so that you can keep your phone safer.

You’ve Gato A Call Phone Stand, $21.99, Modcloth


19. A Phone Kit


This cute kit comes with everything one needs with a cell phone – a USB cord to chare it, a photo lens for better pictures, microfiber cloths to clean it, earbuds, and a aphoto stand. Plus, the adorable metallic bag. It’s the perfect gift for a Secret Santa option or if you don’t know what to get someone.

Screen Queen Tech Kit, $26, Francesca’s


20. A Cool Bluetooth Speaker


Portable speakers are great, but sometimes you just like to have something bigger that also looks like cool room decor. This marble speaker is gorgeous and works really well.

Happy Plugs Sound Piece Saint Laurent Marble Speaker, $199, Anthropologie


21. A Portable Charger


Okay, one more portable charger because… I mean, look at it. It’s so pretty!

Sonix Cora Portable Phone Charger, $45, Nordstrom


22. A Wristband 


If you like to hit the gym or go for a run, you know that keeping your phone close is annoying AF. It always gets in the way! Armbands on your upper arm are all over the place, but they’re also really obnoxious – it’s hard to actually use the phone while it’s in that position and it’s uncomfortable to wear. Putting it on your wrist makes so much more sense.

Banjees Wrist Wallet, $20, Free People

Which one of these cell phone accessories do you want the most? What did I forget to include? Let me know in the comments!

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