21 Ridiculously Cute Gifts For People Who Love Donuts

I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point, donuts became A Thing. Like, remember how cupcakes were once A Thing? And cronuts, cake pops, and macarons? Donuts took their place, but to be honest, I really hope they don’t crash out and burn like they inevitably will. Donuts are the best. And no, I’m not talking about donuts from, like, 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts. I’m talking about really good donuts, like the ones from this place called Dough in NYC (sorry if you can’t get them, they are truly incredible) or the Fractured Prune (an East Coast chain) or, you know, any speciality place like that. A real donut is such a treat, and we should express our love for them every day, IMO. Which, right now, means buying some donut gifts for the holidays.

Chances are, you know a donut lover, or you are one yourself. You can’t deny that, aside from being delicious, donuts are also weirdly aesthetically pleasing. Like, they just look really effing cute on clothes and pins and accessories. They also make for some corny AF sayings, like, “I donut care” that we all make fun of but have definitely liked at some point. So, if you want to ask for something that is purely for fun or something useful that just looks adorable, these are it. Here are some gifts for people who love donuts. Get ’em before I buy them all.

1. A Donut Sweatshirt


What better way to show your affection than with a sweatshirt like this one? It’s perfect for the holiday season.

TeesAndThankYou Oh Holey Night Crew Neck, $26, Shop Nylon


2. Cute Donut Espadrilles


Espadrilles might not be the most sensible shoes for winter weather, but you could always ask for these and then save them for the spring and summer. They’re worth it!

Soludos Jason Polan Donut Espadrille Flat, $61, ASOS


3. A Donut Snow Tube


Remember how cute pool floats were everywhere this summer? I suspect snow tubes might be the new pool float. Make snow days fun with this cute gift option.

Donut Snow Tube, $26, Urban Outfitters


4. A Donut Bag


Why get a simple clutch when you could get something as cute as this? Use it for fancy nights out to spice up a dress, or pair it with a chain for everyday use.

Pink Donut Clutch with Chain, $28, Skinny Bitch Apparel


5. Donut Beverage Boats


This is another gift you can save for the summer – unless you live in a warm climate and can use them now! These little beverage pool floats are seriously adorable. Hey, you can even use them in the bath now if you want.

Donut Pool Party Beverages Floats in 3 Pack, $10.50, ASOS


6. A Donut Candle


Make your room look cuter and smell better with this very realistic looking candle.

Sunnylife Donut Candle, $21, Nordstrom


7. A Fun Stuffed Animal


Okay, yeah, this is technically a kid’s toy, but who wouldn’t want to get this as a gift this holiday season? It would make a great stocking stuffer or add on.

Baby Gund Pusheen Donut Stuffed Animal, $25, Nordstrom


8. Donut Earrings 


Wearing classy, simple jewelry is nice, but sometimes it’s just more fun to go with something bold and colorful. Ask for these donut earrings this year, and I guarantee they’ll get you tons of compliments.

Vinca XL Donut Earrings, $32, Shop Nylon


9. A Donut Mug


This is a small and simple gift, but it’s also really adorable and something anyone would appreciate. Whether you’re asking for it or looking for something to buy someone, it’s perfect.

Donut Mug, $14, Urban Outfitters


10. A Donut Necklace 


Okay, tbh, this necklace is very strange, but also… I like it? Donuts B4 Bronuts? Could make a good BFF gift!

Vinca Donuts B4 Bronuts Necklace, $28, Shop Nylon


11. Donut Pajamas


If you don’t already have a set of onesie pajamas, you’re missing out. Ask for these cozy donut PJs, which are perfect for chill days at home.

Cozy Chill Out One-Piece Pajamas in Frosted Donut, $34.99, Modcloth


12. A Donut Phone Case


Receiving a phone case as a gift is great because it means you don’t have to spend your money on one. And this one is especially great because it comes with matching earbuds. And, you know, donuts.

It’s Raining Donuts iPhone 6/6S Case and Headphones, $19.95, Urban Outfitters


13. A Donut Pillow


Throw pillows make any bed look more inviting, especially when they’re decorated with a sparkly donut.

Bow and Drape Donut Disturb Pillow, $49, Nordstrom


14. Donut Pop-Tarts


Okay, so Pop-Tarts recently launched these limited edition flavors, and… they’re awesome. Chocolate Mocha is my favorite. I know it sounds weird to ask for a snack as a gift, but when the snack is this good, it isn’t.

Dunkin Donuts Pop-Tarts, $2.59, grocery stores


15. A Donut Squishable Toy


This is another toy for kids, but honestly, I want it for myself and I’m a full-fledged adult. I mean, look at it! Can you even stand how cute it is? This is perfect for cuddling.

Squishable Mini Pink Donut Toy, $19, Nordstrom


16. A Donut Sweater


This is actually a men’s sweater, but uh… who cares? You can wear it too. It’s fun and bright and unique, and it would be a great gift to recive or give.

Donut Pattern Sweater, $22.90, Forever 21


17. A Donut Swimsuit


Who can resist wearing a bathing suit with donuts all over it? No one.

Poprageous Donut One-Piece Swimsuit, $95, Shop Nylon


18. A Donut Towel


Round towels are ~very trendy~ right now, and this one is especially adorable.

Round Towel Co. Donut Round Beach Towel, $54.95, Nordstrom


19. A Donut Baking Set


Hey, maybe you want to try making your own donuts! If so, ask for this cookbook, full of donut recipes. Williams-Sonoma also has a donut cutter and a donut pan to add to the list.

Williams-Sonoma Donut Cookbook, $14.95, Williams-Sonoma


20. A Donut Mug


There is so much I love about this mug. Can someone actually buy it for me?

Pyknic Donut Kill My Vibe Coffee Scented Candle, $22, Shop Nylon


21. A Donut Tank Top


This is a corny tank top, but it’s also weirdly cute. And you need it! So ask for it.

Donut Stop Believing Muscle Tee, $27.20, Shop Nylon

Which donut gift is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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