7 Easy Sex Positions To Try If You’re In A New Relationship

New relationships are fun. You’re still in the “honeymoon” phase and getting to know each other, which is the most important part of a relationship, IMO. You guys are still a little ~shy~ and reserved, but you’re still learning everything about each other. It’s so exciting! But that also means you haven’t quite told each other your deepest, darkest secrets, and you’re probably definitely not ready to open up and try some crazy sex positions. There’s nothing wrong with that!

It takes a lot of time to build up enough trust with someone in order to try some fun but complicated sexual positions, which can leave you feeling a little vulnerable. Some sex positions take a lot of patience and time to master, and you need to be able to be comfortable enough with someone to really do it. Luckily, there are also some really easy and fun sex positions that are perfect if you and your bae just started going out. It’s nothing too crazy that you’ll feel embarassed to ask your bae to do, like the”pretzel twist” or something that sounds equally as intimidating. So, take a look at these easy and fun sex positions you and your new bae need to try. Don’t be shy!

Netflix And Thrill

Ha! Get it? Like Netflix and chill. Anyway, while you and your new bae are hanging watching the Gilmore Girls revival, you can have sex in a spooning position. It's perfect because every couple watches Netflix together at one point, especially in the beginning. Be sure to arch your back and wrap a leg around to make it a little bit easier for bae to be inside you.


Tight Squeeze

This one is also easy but that doesn't mean it's not amazing! If you have some sort of stool or chair high enough, have your bae stand and you wrap your legs around them, keeping your hands on their back. Then, rock back and forth into each other. It's easy, but fun! You won't be able to keep your hands off of each other.


Half Off

This is one that you an your new bae need to try ASAP. I know it doesn't seem like being off the bed a little bit makes a huge different, but it actually does! Your bae will be able to angle themselves in a way that will actually make it easier to stimulate your g-spot. You have to try it.


The Om

If you and your SO are into yoga, try this one out. Even if you're not into yoga, try this one anyway. It's very ~sensual~ so you can make a romantic night of it. It will keep you and your bae super close, which is awesome since you want to be as close as possible if you're in a new relationship. I mean, it basically makes hugging your bae a part of the position. Sit with your legs crossed on tip, while your bae sits with their legs crossed on bottom, and help each other rock back and forth.


Sexy Snuggle

It's winter, and you and bae just started dating. What does that mean? Cuddling, of course. Turn your cuddling into ~sexy times~ by wrapping your leg around bae and angle your vagina so they can be inside you. One minute you're cuddling, the next you're getting it on. Basically, you go from 0-100 real quick.



This one is jut a stop above missionary. All you need to do is rest your legs on bae's shoulders as they enter you. It's nothing too complicated, but it's a lot better than just having them be on top while you sit there. Plus, it leaves your hands free to do something else, like touch or scratch your partner, if they're into that.


Woman On Top

This is a classic position that you and need bae need to try. It's less intimidating that the reverse cowgirl, and you'll be able to face your bae, which is important! Get on top and guide your partner inside you, while holding on to their legs for support. It's that easy, and goes a long way. Plus, it will show your partner your not afraid to take charge.


Are you and your new bae going to try any of these sex positions? Tell us in the comments!

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