14 Goals You Should Make For 2017 That Are Actually Doable

Like clockwork, there’s always a lot of snark and cynicism this time of year about making New Year’s resolutions. I get it: Most people don’t stick to them, and it’s a little sad when you (or someone you know) is so hype about finally doing this or that once the new year is underway, and then it never happens. Yikes. But honestly, there’s nothing wrong with making goals for the upcoming year–we’re human, fresh starts are appealing to us, like a new school year or the sensation of a brand new phone with a little more storage space. They just feel exhilirating, you know? If you ask me, the problem with making goals for an upcoming year isn’t so much that it’s stupid to make goals you’ll never commit to, it’s the fact that the goals are usually too damn unrealistic from the jump.


We need to start rooting our New Year’s resolutions in reality. Maybe that way we won’t give up on ’em after, like, three weeks into the year. So, please, ignore all of those cutesy posts that will encourage you to be able to read one book every month for pleasure, or to ~fearlessly~ ask out your crush who occupies a totally different social circle, or to eat healthy meals every damn day. That’s just not realistic, y’all. Insted, try out these 14 goals you should make for 2017 that are actually doable. There’s nothing wrong with setting expectations a little lower if they actually produce results.

Have At Least One Solid Hookup

If you're going into 2017 thinking, "OMG THIS IS THE YEAR THAT EVERYTHING GOES RIGHT IN THE BOW CHICA BOW WOW DEPARTMENT" then...I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you might want to cool your jets. Honestly, feel accomplished if you have at least one solid hookup this year that you don't look back on and want to die. Whether you achieve this by playing the field or being super selective, go about this wisely! Besides, who know what could blossom out of that good hookup!

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Read At Least Three Books For Pleasure This Year

I cannot be the only one who bristles at the idea that it's totally doable to read a book for pleasure every month, especially when you're in school. Don't feel like you're not smart enough or something if you can't reach those goals. Instead, try to read at least three books for pleasure in 2017. Yes, three. And hell, if you can only manage one or two, don't sweat it. You have a whole life of book reading ahead of you.

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Improve Your Grade In One Class You've Been Struggling In

There's nothing wrong with aiming for straight A's next semester, but for some of you, that won't be an easy feat whatsoever. Instead of getting discouraged almost immediately, make your goal a little more manageable. Take one class that you're having the most trouble with an aim to raise your grade in that class by a one grade point. Get a tutor, ask your teacher for help after class, do extra credit, whatever it takes to reach that goal. You'll feel amazing AND your GPA will get a bit of a bump.

My Mad Fat Diary

Organize Your Space Twice A Month

Fellow messy folks out there: Don't feel like a loser just because you made a resolution to be more organized and keep your room clean for the rest of the year. Be reasonable and just promise yourself to clean your room at least twice a month, perhaps every other week. Also use that time to organize any materials you need for school or work.

10 Things I Hate About You

Try To Befriend Your Crush

It's a little alarming that so many people think that life is a high school rom-com and are convinced that it's not that hard to just go up to your crush and ask them out. Um, in the real world, this is a terrifying prospect. So if this crush of yours is someone who is outside of your group of friends, why not at least make your goal simpler: Become their friend by the end of the year. Not only is it less scary and more fun, it's also a good way to know if you would really want to pursue a romantic relationship with them in the first place. It is, after all, easy to idolize a crush and ignore their flaws; it's harder to do that with a friend.


Be Able To Run/Walk A Mile Faster In December 2017 Than You Did In January 2017

Exercise goals are hard because everyone is at totally different levels when it comes to athleticism. Some people hate yoga and aren't going to be told to do more yoga in 2017. Some people would rather jump hurdles than do wall sits every day, and they aren't keen to do them three times a week for the next 365 days. So go with something that everyone has had to do at some point: Walk or run a mile. Your goal is to time how long it takes you to walk or run a mile in January 2017. Do whatever kind of exercise makes you happy, and see how fast you can complete a mile in June. Continue your work out of your choice and see if you can beat your January (or June) time in December.

Bend It Like Beckham

Start Saving Money In A Way That Will Actually Work

If I see one more Pinterest-y graphic about how to save money I'm going to scream. It's not like they don't work, it's just that they don't take into account how hard our willpower can be when it comes to saving our coin. "Put a dollar in this jar every day and--" Pssh, no. The best way to save money is by not even trying. That's why you should check out apps like Qapital. You make a money saving goal and the app does the rest of the work for you by quietly taking money from your bank account and placing it into savings. It only takes enough so that you won't end up broke by the end of the month. Give it a go!


Find A Way To Hate One Of Your Body Parts Less

You'll come across a lot of publications encouraging you to "love your body" in 2017. That's a lovely idea, but we're human beings and we're fickle and self-conscious AF. Body positivity is a beautiful thing, but nobody is going to look in the mirror and love everything they see over the course of a year. Goals like that are thrown out the window by the second week of January. Instead, focus on a body part that you're a little self-conscious about and see what you can do to make yourself feel better about it. If you feel weird about your breasts, treat yourself to a couple of tops that you think flatter them. If your dry hair is driving you nuts, perform a deep conditioner once a week and see the progress. See where I'm going with this?

Slums Of Beverly Hills

Improve Your Social Media Engagement Without Going Bonkers

This might not apply to plenty of you, but let's be real: Some of y'all are thirsty when it comes to social media. I get it, I've been there and I have a tendency to monitor my likes more than I want to. But while you should definitely start to develop a healthier relationship with social media--as in, get to a place where the amount of likes your got on a pic doesn't preoccupy you, and three people unfollowing you doesn't ruin your day--then you can make reasonable social media goals that are kind of fun rather than stressful. But be realistic! You are not going to turn into one of those people with tens of thousands of followers overnight (besides, you never know how many of those followers were bought!). Start out with a reasonable goal. Maybe if you've seen an uptick in people following you recently, see if you can get 100 more followers by the end of the year. If you reach that goal early, then kick it up to 150. But please, don't stress about this. At the end of the day, not having a zillion followers isn't the end of the world. Social media should be fun, first and foremost, not just about racking up numbers.


See At Last Two Bands/Musicians Live

Seeing your favorite 10 bands and going to three different festivals might sound like an amazing idea, but it's probably not going to happen unless you have unlimited money and a non-existent schedule. I'm going to assume that's not the case. Instead, have a goal of seeing at least two bands or musicians you've been dying to see. You'll end up a lot happier by December 2017 if you happened to see more than you planned.

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Eat AT LEAST One Fruit Or Veggie A Day

I don't mean to be promoting unhealthy eating habits, but let's be honest: It's really hard to have five servings of fruits AND vegetables a day. For now, if you're someone who can legit go for an entire day without having either, try to eat at least one serving of fruits or veg a day. If you eat fruits and vegetables but not enough of them, bump it up to two. Little victories, guys.

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Make At Least One New Friend

You might be thinking, "Why? I have the friends I want right now." Hey, fair enough, but there's nothing wrong with getting to know new people. I mean, it sucks to miss out on a potential friendship with somebody just because you like your current friends. Friend groups are not set in stone, especially in high school, so it really doesn't hurt to branch out. Talk to that girl in your class who you think seems cool. Make small talk with someone in your after-school program. Hell, make a friend online, whatever! Having new friends is fun, so why miss out?

Some Girls

Get One More Hour Of Sleep Than You Usually Do

If you're averaging six hours of sleep a night, the idea of averaging nine and a half hours of sleep a night is pretty laughable. But you SHOULD get more sleep (it helps your academic/work performance, health, skin, mood), you just need to start small. Try to get at least one extra hour of sleep every night by the end of the year. Your body will thank you.

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Get A Big Bag And Donate Some Old Clothes

Face it: It'll take a lot for you to remove every last thing you don't really wear anymore from your closet. Some pieces make us weirdly sentimental, and we're still trying to convince ourselves that we'll one day fit into some of the other ones. Instead, just promise yourself to donate at least ONE big bag of clothes to a local second-hand store, thrift shop, church, or charity. You'll feel good, you'll do good, and your closet will be a little clearer too.


What are your ultimate goals for 2017? Tell us in the comments!

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