21 Wholesome Memes That Will Get You Through The Rest Of 2016

If you’re feeling a little down right now, very few people would fault you for it. This time of year, as fun as it can be with its designated holiday activities, is always a little–or, let’s face it, a lot–draining. If you’re in school, you’re probably right in the peak of projects, papers, and exams. Plus, 2016, on the whole, was not a particularly great year, which means that it could be hard to find something to push you through these remaining few weeks. Thankfully, at least one good thing arose from this year that should help to get you through the rest of it–wholesome memes. Or, as Know Your Meme put it, a “subgenre of image macros in which creators subvert audience expectation by taking established meme templates and using them expressing supportive, caring sentiments rather than making the jokes usually associated with each template.”.

Usually, I feel sort of bad about covering memes on this site. I’m not the only person in media to do it, obviously, but the act of analysis almost always ruins what is usually an absurdist-based joke and/or reveals that it was secretly deeply unfunny from the start. Discussing what the exact origin of, say, Dat Boi might not help anyone. Arthur’s Fist was fun to look at in the beginning, but quickly devolved into a bleak landscape of weird, uncomfortably sexual parody memes. And “Wow Queen, you’re so beautiful” should never even have been given an enhanced platform for the start, probably. Wholesome memes, however, stand up well against over-analysis because there isn’t really anything there to ruin through analyzing them. That is, they are exactly what they appear to be, which is good, clean, pure, fun. Wholesome fun, if you will. So, check out these truly wholesome memes that will help carry you through the rest of 2016:

1. An inspirational message to get you through the day:



2. Isn’t this precious?



3. So precious:


4. Dat Boi was made for a wholesome meme, wasn’t he?


5. As was the Honey Bun Baby, naturally:


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6. Aww:



7. Very pure:



8. #RelationshipGoals:



9. #FriendshipGoals:



10. #LifeGoals:



11. A nice twist on the Evil Kermit meme:


12. Same:



13. Does this not bring a single tear to your eye?


A photo posted by O Shit Waddup! (@herecomedatboi) on


14. It is TOO MUCH:

this is my favorite one

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15. Sigh:



16. Just the purest:


17. Who can’t relate?

A photo posted by @wholesomememes on


18. May your lives be just as pure:


19. And wholesome:



20. Very wholesome:


21. Just what you need to carry you through the year:


What do you think of these memes? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.


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