17 Unique Gifts Every Tomboy Has To Ask For This Year

When I was a kid, I definitely considered myself a tomboy. I never really understood what it meant, but I knew that I didn’t really fit in with my sister, who was always wearing pretty dresses and heels. In fifth grade, I was known as the girl who never wore skirts because I didn’t want to be seen as someone who was too “girly.” I know now that there is literally nothing wrong with being “girly” at all. After all, it’s 2016, and gender is a little arbitrary anyway. But, there are still people who still identify with being a tomboy, which is totally cool. Being a tomboy means you don’t have to follow any rules about what you want to do or wear just because of your gender. If you want to wear something that a boy would normally wear, do it! There is nothing stopping you.

However, if you’re a tomboy, it can be hard to accept gifts around the holidays. Since you’re a girl, people usually assume you want “girly” items, and so that’s what you get. And again, there’s nothing wrong with feminine things, it’s just that… if it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing! I know I always cringed when my mom would give me a frilly dress or skirt for Christmas. But, I got older and learned that you can actually ask your parents for what you want, I realized I could change my presents. Who knew! I’ve also learned that you can be stuper stylish and still channel your inner dude attitude. So take a look at these unique gifts every tomboy should ask for this year:

1. This on point t-shirt:


Tomboy Tee, $22, Bougeak

A perfect tee for anyone who wants to look ~chill~ and relaxed, while still wearing your tomboy label loud and proud.


2. This cute necklace:


Tomboy Necklace, $58, SeoulLittle

This is a pretty classy way to let the world know that you are a fancy tomboy who doesn’t give AF.


3. This cozy flannel:


Ahh-mazingly Soft Boyfriend Shirt, $40.45, American Eagle

Not to overshare, but I’m actually wearing this shirt right now and I can confirm that it is the softest thing on the planet. Flannels are perfect for tomboys because you can easily dress them up with a skirt and heels, or stick with a relaxed look with some distressed jeans.


4. A tomboy mug:


The Tomboy Mug, $12, Wildfang

By now, I’m sure you’ve realized you can get a mug with pretty much anything printed on it and the word “tomboy” is no exception. Drink your hot chocolate in style!


5. A tomboy crew sweatshirt:


Tomboy Crew, $50, Wildfang

Cozy and bad ass. Need I say more? This crew sweatshirt would look awesome with a pair of black jeans or white pants like this model is wearing.


6. A cool leather jacket:


Quilted Queen Jacket, $19.99, Charming Charlie

A leather jacket is a tomboy essential: you can look effortlessly cool and keep warm in the winter. You can even add pins and patches to personalize it.


7. A velvet baseball cap:


Velvet Baseball Cap, $9.50, ASOS

Who says that tomboys can’t love pink? This cap is cute and edgy, which is perfect and the velvet makes it totally on trend.


8. A cool patch:


Tomboy Patch, $10, Wildfang

If you want to make a subtle tomboy statement, attach this cool patch to any jacket or bag to instantly give it a tomboy update.


9.  A pair of cool sneakers:


Metallic Running Sneakers, $75, New Balance

These sneakers are sporty and cool, but also shimmery and versatile. They would look awesome with a pair of jeans and a hoodie.


10. A trendy pair of overalls:


BDG Jayjay Overall, $89, Urban Outfitters

If rompers aren’t your thing, you should ask for a cool pair of overalls. They are trendy but not as super girly as rompers are.


11. A unique watch:




Chicken Run Watch, $75, Swatch

Tomboy or not, watches make everyone look very put together. Swatch watches are cool because they come in a ton of different cool designs and colors so you’re bound to fine one you’ll love.


12. A cozy beanie:


Quartz Beanie, $19.99, Herschel

A beanie is something that literally everyone needs. They are a good way to keep warm and still look cool AF. You can also get them in a ton of different colors and styles, so you can be comfortable, stylish and warm.


13. An awesome skateboard:


Ice Scream Glow, $97.99, Penny Boards

If ice skating in the winter isn’t your thing, try asking for a cool skateboard. It’s a unique gift that every tomboy will look so cool riding through town on.


14. A cool music speaker:


Mint Marble Speaker, $69, Urban Outfitters

You can listen to your favorite songs in style with this totally cool speaker. I mean, even non-tomboys will love this. After all, everybody loves music, right?


15. This funny necklace:


Fries Before Guys Necklace $15.37, Luna Emporium

Not into guys? No problem. This “fries over guys” necklace is literally everything you need. You’re welcome.


16. A stylish bomber jacket:


Oversized Bomber Jacket, $89, Urban Outfitters

Honestly, bomber jackets are really freakin’ cool, and look so amazing on everyone. You can pair them this jacket with a pair of leggings and a hoodie for a super casual but chill look that will let everybody know you’re the coolest tomboy out there.


17. A cool leather notebook:


Oh Snap Journal, $24, Urban Outfitters

I, personally, think that everyone on earth needs to own a journal because it’s totally not healthy to keep all of your thoughts swim around your head all the time. Ask for a unique journal where you can write anything your heart desires. Tomboys have feelings too!


Which of these gifts will you ask for this year? Tell us in the comments!

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