20 Of The Stupidest Things Guys Did In 2016

A few years from now, when you look back on 2016, chances are good that you won’t think about the daily, monotonous minutiae you experienced every day. Instead, you’ll consider the year on a bigger, more conceptual level–you know, like, the presidential election. The memes. I would, however, like to make an argument for always keeping one small, but important thing in the back of your mind, if only to protect you from future hardships: Boys, for the most part, are pretty stupid. You will know this already, of course, if you are a teen girl who has, in the year of our Lord 2016, taken on the burden of interacting with a (usually straight, almost always white) male close to your own age, because, generally, those experiences do not tend to go all that well.

Are all boys dumb? No. Are all boys worthy of your unbridled disdain? Also no. Should one wage a war against all men with a badass, all-girl, Mad Max-style army? It sounds tempting, but, legally, I should probably say no. Still, there were some guys this year who did prove themselves to be so infuriatingly dumb so as to be worthy of all of your disdain, plus the best post-apocalyptic feminist army you could ever imagine. And who doesn’t need to feel a little rage to get them through the day? So, uh, check out the stupidest things guys did in 2016 right here:

1. Technically, this is 2015. But it really sets a…precedent, no?


2. Like….



3. Um:


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4. B U T T:



5. I just…



6. When are white boys not writing Tyler Durden fan fiction?


7. And threatening to off themselves if they aren’t firmly planted on the worst subway line in Brooklyn?


8. And getting mad that some people find the word “heil” to have some unpleasant connotations?


9. And getting angry when a stranger gives a negative response to their dick pic?


10. And drawing swastikas the wrong way?


11. And voting for Donald Trump?


12. Anyway:



13. “XD”



14. This guy just wants to not touch you with a ten-foot “poll:”



15. A play in one act:


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16. Reply please ;):



17. What.






19. Welp. This just about sums up 2016, right?



20. Here’s to a better 2017:


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Well? These guys are stupid, right? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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